Training course :

Advanced interactivity and customization

Face-to-face training
Advanced level
2 days

Enhance your experiences
by discovering the Variables of VTS Editor.

Understanding the Variables ecosystem;

Be able to read a VTS graph containing Variables and understand its meaning;

Be able to use the text manipulation functions using the Form, Variables and Conditions blocks;

Improve the relevance of the pedagogical design of your immersive experiences;

Use VTS Editor Variables to make interactive mini-games involving Clickable Zones.

Introduction (graph, advanced logic in VTS Editor);

Variables (declaration, reading, writing and expressions);

Tests (condition) and logic of expressions;

Use of Variables in VTS Editor blocks
(“Quiz”, “Sentence choice”, …);

Variables in the display conditions of Clickable Zones;

Manipulation of Variables and text manipulation functions.

2 days (2 x 7 hours)

Instructional designers, digital learning project managers, digital learning integrators, digital learning developers, etc.;

Anyone with a technical background who wants to learn about the Variables features in VTS.

Knowing how to use VTS Editor is a prerequisite;

You must have a VTS Editor GOLD Package or higher;

It is recommended that you have taken the VTS Editor Training – Levels 1 and 2 (including the advanced use of Flags and Check Flags blocks);

You may be asked to pass a level 1 validation test as a prerequisite to attending the training.

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