Deploy a variety of digital training activities and rediscover Learning Analytics
Support careers as closely as possible to your employees’ needs and the company’s objectives.
With VTS Perform, trainers and administrators of LMS platforms optimise their time by integrating an LXP approach and can finally focus on the essential: the Learner Experience.
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Why VTS Perform?
VTS Perform?
Learning Management Systems offer an important service: administrating and storing all Training Activities, organising training paths and making educational content available on learning portals.
But what about the Learner Experience?

As a Learning Experience Platform, VTS Perform is fully focused on the levers of the learner’s engagement:

Integrate the experiential into the device with training simulations and immersive Serious Games that can be made with VTS Editor.

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Activate learner's gratification by "gamifying" their learning path and rewarding the notion of progression.

Recognise the need for socialisation and increase the notion of collaboration around a skills development campaign.

Manage your learning devices in an intuitive and simplified way. Focus on the Learner Experience while we take care of yours.

Import your Users as a whole and with just a few clicks into VTS Perform platform, via Excel files, CSV or even company directories (SSO). Configure the learner’s view with the colours of your choice and customise the visual identity of the learning path.

Deploy a variety of training activities, ranging from training simulations to e-learning and video

Create training sessions including all types of educational modules: e-Learning quizzes from your preferred authoring software, in-house or corporate video and, of course, gamified training simulations and immersive Serious Games created with VTS Editor, to maximise engagement and retention.

Engage your learners and boost your deployment with levers in line with today’s habits

Thanks to a resolutely ATAWADAC (Any Time, Any Where, Any Device, Any Content) approach, launch your experiential training courses on all types of devices: Windows and Mac OS computers, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

Set up and automate an email and push notification system and notify your learners of any updates to existing content or new Learning Activities. In the case of a massive deployment, self-registration is also an option.

Benefit from quantitative (SCORM) and qualitative (interaction statistics) Learning Analytics for effective and personalised remediation

If VTS Perform is able to approve the SCORM 2004 and 1.2 standards, it is through a rich qualitative data analysis that LXPs make the difference. In synergy with VTS Editor and the use of variables within its training simulations, it is now possible to precisely monitor the choices made by the learner, his or her “interactions”.

Discover the Agility made in Serious Factory, a dual business model adapted to all needs


VTS Perform has been developed to offer maximum agility to administrators and financial departments. Whether you are a large company, an SME or an independent trainer, you can choose between two billing methods:
Billing to
the active user,
on a sliding scale and without commitment. For us, an “active user” is a learner who has launched his or her training at least once during the billing period (monthly). No launch, no billing.
for a predefined number of learners. We offer you the possibility to add additional learners at any time without applying a mark-up by token system. Transparency is the key word here.
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