Develop, Measure, and Manage Skills

Create innovative and engaging training and benefit from a skill management dashboard.


The cutting-edge software for all your engaging and gamified learning creations.


The next gen platform for training deployment, analysis and skills management.

The VTS Synergy

VTS Perform instantly collects and organizes actions set in VTS Editor, to measure the ROI of your training sessions.
The winning duo for engaging, memorable and measurable learning experiences.

Give a New Dimension
to Digital Training

Next-Generation Training

Take advantage of the best of technology! Create your modules in 2D, 360° or virtual reality. Integrate fully animated 3D characters and use AI to create your scenarios. Finally, generate hyper realistic synthetic voices in a few seconds... You have all the cards in hand to facilitate your creations and design unique experiences.

Complete Immersion

Create contextualized and ultra-realistic situations! Select your sceneries from a large catalog or add your own, choose your characters and their outfits, make them speak and work on the non-verbal thanks to facial emotions and body language automated for you. Add music and ambient sounds. Make learners interact with the elements of the scene in real learning simulations. We learn by doing!

Gamification within everyone's reach

Design educational scenarios with ease! Via an intuitive interface, you just need to drag and drop pre-designed features and mini-games, and set them up to your liking. Create narrative branching that evolve with the situation that the learner experiences in real time, depending on their choices made.

Management of multiple skills

Within the same scenario, test and track a multitude of knowledge and skills! Easily implement a scoring system by skill to closely track learner responses. Reward them and encourage them to practice again to improve their scores. You can then identify strengths, weaknesses and adjust their paths.

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