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Imagine an authoring software that allows you to :

  • Easily create your simulations and update them regularly
  • Reduce iteration times
  • Put your creativity at the service of your learners
  • Deploy on all types of devices, online and offline
  • Boost your face-to-face training in an innovative Blended Learning approach...

Quickly create your immersive and gamified training experiences with VTS Editor, our authoring software VTS Editor

Easily deploy and qualitatively analyze performance with VTS Perform VTS Perform

Practice anywhere, anytime, on any device and in offline mode with VTS Player

Discover new ways of training adapted
to your business challenges

My learning has no other fruit than to make me feel how much I still have to learn


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Success stories
Well aware that there will always be a first time on the patient, the simulation object in training pursues the idea of ​​making this first time more comfortable and secure. VTS Editor allows us to create these immersive educational devices by confronting learners with highly contextualized situations in a protected environment thanks to the virtual.

Christine HEUZE, Multimedia educational engineer at AP-HP.

Thanks to the gamified and interactive nature of the modules, those who used to see training as restrictive are now its main users & promoters!

Maryse SANGARIN, Training Coordinator at PRO BTP Groupe.

Today what I always say is that we are in the process of training 2.0 designers, people capable of creating educational experiences that will then create appetence in the learner. We find that VTS can participate in creating learner commitment

Corinne Bocher, Pedagogical engineer at Digital Cocoon.

Thanks to the Serious Game, we will allow the learner to train how to apply. Today, we’re really going to give the employee the means to review what has been seen, to train, to monitor and manage his skills development

Wilfried Adikpeto, Consultant at Doddy Conseil

The software allowed my students to create a Serious Game based on their own professional experience. It was a chance to materialize their experience through the creation of this game and, in addition, there was this form of sponsorship with the sophomore classes, who were able to take advantage of the experience of the elders to practice interview simulations

Fabrice Rio, Deputy Director at Albert de Mun High School

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