What is an interactive presentation?

An interactive presentation is a presentation format that encourages active participation from the audience through interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, and simulations.

Unlike traditional presentations, interactive presentations aim to create an exchange between the presenter and the audience.

By enhancing engagement and information retention through a playful and interactive presentation with attractive visual support, the speaker adds real value to their presentation.

Creating an interactive presentation with VTS Editor
Example of an interactive presentation created with VTS Editor

What are the benefits of interactive presentations?

When it comes to giving a presentation, the goal is to convey a message, ideas, to persuade, and to obtain feedback.

To do this, you must capture and maintain your audience's interest throughout the presentation. And that's where interactivity and presentation quality play an essential role.

Animated and attractive presentations keep your audience in an active listening mode, which significantly increases the attention of the targeted audience and the retention of information.

Lastly, engaging interactive presentations make it easier to obtain feedback from participants.

How to create interactive presentations?

To execute original and interactive presentations that you will deliver in person in front of your audience, your main task will consist of planning phases of interaction with your audience in your presentation. To design an effective presentation, you must structure it, include quizzes, ask open‑ended questions, present surveys, and various types of dynamic presentation tools.

But how do you create interactive presentations when you want to distribute them asynchronously?

Simply sending presentations in slide format will not be very effective. You must use tools to humanize your presentations, adding quizzes, infographics, and interactive elements to collect feedback from your audience.

What tools to create interactive presentations?

Are you looking for an all‑in‑one presentation tool to easily create interactive visuals quickly and without coding? Look no further!

Serious Factory has created VTS Editor, a digital content creation tool that brings together everything you need to create high‑quality professional and interactive presentations.

Without any technical or graphic skills and with the help of generative AI, VTS Editor allows you to create effective presentations with ease and in record time: Convert your PowerPoint presentations into dynamic presentations with one click, choose a setting, a background image, characters, animation effects, and add quizzes in a few drag‑and‑drops or thanks to our Artificial Intelligence.

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Need help creating your interactive presentations?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an interactive presentation?

An interactive presentation is a presentation model that actively involves the audience and enables two‑way communication between the presenter and the participants. This can include polls, Q&A sessions, animated quizzes, and the incorporation of interactive media. Tools like VTS Editor facilitate the creation of this form of presentation by integrating interactive elements to engage the audience.

How does an interactive presentation differ from a traditional presentation?

Unlike a traditionally delivered presentation, which is often one‑way with the presenter sharing information while the audience listens passively, an interactive professional presentation actively engages participants by allowing them to contribute to the conversation and interact with the content. Creating dynamic and interactive presentations makes the learning experience more immersive, visuals more memorable, and information more impactful for listeners.

What are the benefits of an interactive presentation?

Benefits include better information retention by the audience, increased engagement and participation, and improved understanding through direct interaction. Creating and presenting dynamic and interactive content also means being able to adapt the presentation in real‑time based on audience reactions.

How do I create an interactive presentation with VTS Editor?

With VTS Editor, you can create the best interactive presentations by adding elements such as videos, slideshows, images, quizzes, and polls directly into your slides. You also have the ability to incorporate interactive scenarios and simulations to enrich the content for a modern and unique presentation. The software's drag‑and‑drop interface makes this process accessible to all, even without advanced technical skills.

Can quizzes and surveys be integrated into an interactive presentation?

Yes, integrating quizzes and surveys is a common method to make visual presentations interactive and engaging. These interactive elements essential to a good presentation encourage the active participation of the audience and can provide immediate feedback both for the quality of the oral presentation and the learning experience for participants.

Is it difficult to convert a classic presentation into an interactive one?

Converting a classic slide presentation into an interactive version is not necessarily difficult, especially if you use a tool like VTS Editor. It allows you to automatically convert your slides into an animated and dynamic presentation.

Are interactive presentations effective for all types of audiences?

Yes, interactive presentations can be tailored to effectively engage various types of audiences, whether they are students, professionals, or conference attendees. The key is understanding your audience's expectations and choosing the types of presentations that will be most relevant and engaging for them.

How do you measure the effectiveness of an interactive presentation?

The effectiveness of an interactive new presentation can be measured by the level of audience engagement, participation in interactive activities, and feedback collected directly through surveys or at the end of the presentation. Tools like VTS Perform can also help track and analyze participants' interactions during presentations.

Can interactive presentations be used for online training?

Absolutely, interactive presentations are particularly effective for online training as they help combat passivity and maintain learners' attention. An original and interactive presentation is ideal for creating engaging and memorable remote learning experiences.

What tips should be followed for a successful interactive presentation?

To create quality presentations and a successful interactive experience, Serious Factory advises knowing your audience well, varying types of interactions, illustrating your visual supports dynamically, using the right tools like VTS Editor, testing your presentation before the event, and being ready to adapt your content based on audience reactions to maximize engagement.

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