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Develop your trainees’ skills

Develop your trainees’ skills

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Design immersive learning scenarios quickly and easily

Create your immersive and gamified training modules and simulations quickly, easily and in record time!

Create rich learning scenarios

VTS Editor is a training simulation editor that allows you to build single- or multi-scene scenarios, each with one or several scenes comprising background and one or more virtual characters. You can easily create scenarios by means of an intuitive

Choose from a large range of virtual characters

Add the virtual character of your choosing from amongst dozens of animated characters, and select the animations and facial expressions that best correspond to the situation.

Select an environment in line with your professional environment

Choose an environment that meets your needs from our large catalogue of realistic static or animated options, or import your own image of your choice. 39 backgrounds are available in our standard version.

Give your modules a true audio identity

Vocalisation and lip-syncing are generated automatically based on voices, which you can generate easily in three different ways: – Import your own voices – Import studio-recorded voices – Generate a high-quality synthetic voice at the click of a button from within the software (over 34 languages are available thanks to our partners Acapela and Readspeaker)

Configure your virtual characters’ emotions

Emotions can be configured throughout the scenarios; you can define them based on trainee interactions in order to include a behavioural aspect in your training courses. This block allows you to define your participants’ emotional attitudes in order to work on unspoken cues in conversation. These are based on 5 criteria (happiness, anger, sadness, fear and indecision) with multiple intensity levels.

Use clickable zones to improve interactivity and engagement

Add animations and interactive elements to any part of your environment using clickable zones that give you a new toolbox of game challenges to present to your trainees. Challenges such as detecting abnormalities in a scene, customised quizzes and navigation menus are now easy to create.

Use variables to increase trainee involvement

Using variables in your Digital Learning modules allows you to customise your trainees’ experiences and improve their engagement. Multiple factors (including name, age, student role, completed modules, or scenarios that are locked depending on student results) can be used to make the modules you develop more interactive.


VTS Editor

Version 4.0

Date de sortie : 06/06/2019

See the documentation

VTS Player

Version 4.0

Date de sortie : 06/06/2019

See the documentation
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