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    Design your own Serious Games and immersive simulations with simple drag and drop

    An intuitive interface to design training courses that boost learner engagement.

    Les avantages d'utiliser
    VTS Editor pour vos formations
    Développez l'acquisition de compétences
    Créez des simulations comportementales pour aider vos apprenants à vivre une situation inédite dans n’importe quel contexte.
    Adressez tous types de métiers
    Accédez à de nombreux décors et personnages pour créer des mises en situations réalistes, quel que soit votre secteur d’activité.
    Augmentez la re-jouabilité
    Développez la curiosité de vos apprenants en créant des modules arborescents pour leur donner l’envie de rejouer les scénarios et découvrir les différents parcours que vous aurez imaginés.
    Accélérez la rapidité d'apprentissage
    Utilisez tous les codes des Serious Games avec la méthode d’apprentissage par essai / erreur pour augmenter l’ancrage mémoriel.
    Boostez l'engagement des apprenants
    Créez des expériences d’apprentissage mémorables en immergeant les apprenants dans des univers visuels et sonores, en 2D, 3D, à 360° et en VR.
    The advantages of using
    VTS Editor for your training courses
    Develop skills acquisition
    Create behavioural simulations to help your learners experience a new situation in any context.
    Address all types of professions

    Access a wide range of sceneries and characters to create realistic situations, suitable for your area of activity.

    Increase replayability
    Develop your learners’ curiosity by creating tree-based modules to make them want to replay the scenarios and discover the different paths you have designed.
    Accelerate the speed of learning
    Use all the codes of Serious Games with the trial and error learning method to increase memory retention.
    Boost learner engagement
    Create memorable learning experiences by immersing learners in visual and audio worlds, in 2D, 3D, 360° and VR.
    Increase completion rates tenfold
    Captivate your participants until the end of each experience by integrating storytelling and gamification elements.
    What will your creations look like?
    Gamified, immersive and memorable
    training simulations
    Your educational experiences are universal
    And working with peace of mind makes life easier!
    With VTS Editor, you design pure pedagogy.
    Virtual Training Suite takes care of everything else. Once your modules are finished, you can export them for any type of use: in your LMS, on a smartphone or tablet, online or offline, in a VR headset, on a Windows or Mac PC…
    VTS Editor adapts to your needs!
    Behavioural simulation

    When “full digital” and “Blended Learning” rule professional training, it is imperative to give learners opportunities to put into practice the theory learned in traditional top-down e-learning modules.

    With VTS Editor you can reproduce real-life situations from the learners’ daily lives and simulate realistic virtual interactions using 3D characters and sceneries that you can import from your computer, completely independently.

    In a few clicks, you can animate and manage the gestures and facial emotions of the characters, for greater realism and to work on what can be left unsaid at work.

    360° Immersion and Virtual Reality
    Transform training courses into immersive and interactive experiences by immersing learners in a 360° sound and visual universe, in front of their screen or with a virtual reality headset.
    Skills development

    VTS Editor allows you to define and manage scores per skill, in order to measure and work on several areas of improvement within the same learning experience.

    The precise data related to each skill worked on by the learner is then uploaded and analysed in VTS Perform or simply transferred to your LMS.

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      Features of VTS Editor
      Tree-based and non-linear
      Develop tree-based scenarios that evolve according to the choices made by the learners.
      Import still shots, 360° or virtual reality sceneries, in a few clicks.
      Import sounds and music to liven up your content and generate learning enjoyment.
      Facial emotions
      and gestures
      Configure in a few clicks the gestures and facial emotions of the characters to amplify the non-verbal.
      A large catalogue
      of 3D animated characters
      of any age, morphology, ethnicity and in many work-specific outfits (retail, hospital, construction, business, casual, etc.).
      The largest database of
      computer-generated voices
      Choose from hundreds of computer-generated voices, in most world languages, or import real voices, instantly.


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      Vos dispositifs pédagogiquessont universels

      La tranquillité d’esprit, ça simplifie la vie !
      Avec VTS Editor, vous concevez de la pure pédagogie. Pour le reste, Virtual Training Suite se charge de tout. Une fois vos modules terminés, vous les exportez pour tout type d’usage : dans votre LMS, sur un smartphone ou une tablette, online ou offline, dans un casque VR, sur un PC Windows ou Mac…
      VTS Editor est “tout terrain” !