The software for designing
learning experiences

Boost learner engagement and skills by designing your scenarios, training simulations, e-learning modules, Serious-Games, educational scenarios...


Unlock your potential! With VTS Editor, you design rich and varied interactive experiences, in 2D, 360° or virtual reality. Engagement and retention guaranteed!

Example scene in VTS Editor with characters

An intuitive interface

Create branching scenarios on your own!
Just drag and drop pre-designed features: character dialogues, slideshows, forms, quizzes, mini-games, progression system, rewards...

Example of scenario creation in VTS Editor

Your creations optimized
for all devices

To make it easier, VTS Editor adapts your modules on Windows, Mac, tablets, and smartphones. You can also design for virtual reality headsets.

Example of a safety situation scenario in VTS Editor for a factory

As close as Possible to your Reality

Create ultra-realistic scenarios! Select the sceneries, characters, and outfits that suit you from a wide range of choices. Add background music and sounds for complete immersion.

Play with emotions

Simulate real behavioral interactions! Vocalize character dialogues with one click, play with body language and facial emotions depending on the situation.

Choice of emotions for characters in VTS Editor
Illustration of learner engagement through scenarios created in VTS Editor

Stimulate Engagement

Manage your learners' Performance! Implement a scoring system to closely track their responses, reward them, and encourage them to replay to improve their performance.


You have a wide choice of 3D characters. They are fully animated and have variations of civilian or professional outfits.

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VTS Editor contains numerous 2D, 360°, or virtual reality sceneries in various environments. You can also create your own sceneries by importing your photos.

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Sound Immersion

Add music to your scenes, sound effects, and ambient sounds to energize your content, increase immersion, and generate the joy of learning.

Emotions and Gestures

Configure facial emotions and body language of characters with a few clicks. Convey non-verbal information and reproduce realistic human interactions.


Make your modules memorable through storytelling. Develop branching scenarios that evolve according to the choices and responses your learners make. Encourage learning by trial/error and promote replayability.


Add gamification to your experiences. Invite your learners to interact with the environment. Transmit knowledge AND skills.


In a few seconds, you can fully vocalize your modules by choosing from hundreds of synthetic voices in most of the world's languages. You can also import your own recorded voices!


Once your experience is finished, you can export it in SCORM format for your LMS, in web format to be played online, or in VTS Perform.


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