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Hundreds of characters adapted to your needs

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A wide choice
of characters

From the start, on VTS Editor, enjoy a selection of 45 characters, with different professional outfits, and of different ages.

The + option gives you access to the complete catalogue, which includes more than 100 characters!

Character selection screen in VTS Editor

Opt for
a cartoon rendering

To better adapt the experience to the learning context or to defuse some complex situations to address in training, our cartoon characters are here to serve you!

Narration, immersion, and gamification in training are also possible in settings and with characters that resemble less real life, but are still as addictive and engaging for learners.

Cartoon characters in VTS Editor

Want to adopt a
custom character?

From your company's uniform to your wildest creative wishes

Custom avatars in VTS EditorCustom avatars in VTS EditorCustom avatars in VTS EditorCustom avatars in VTS EditorCustom avatars in VTS EditorCustom avatars in VTS EditorCustom avatars in VTS EditorCustom avatars in VTS Editor
Illustration of realistic custom avatars created by the Serious Factory team

As close to
your reality as possible

A level of realism that sets the standard in the market! Ask our immersive 3D technology experts to recreate any member of your organization, to embody your values and the codes of your company.

Whether it's to create a welcome module for new arrivals, or simulation interviews, or even more realistic narrative serious games, these 3D characters specially designed for you invite your learners to recognize themselves in the key messages and boost your employer brand.

vts face icon

Faces with incredible realism

A professional photo shoot in Serious Factory studios is enough for our teams to achieve a photo-realistic result for the creation of your custom character.

vts face clothes

Your uniforms down to the last detail

Whatever your industry, your characters' outfits will have all the details that make the uniqueness of your profession's uniforms, for a credible and plausible final rendering.

vts face icon

Your visual identity

Details are everything: ask us to subtly integrate your company logo on your VTS characters' clothing and promote your brand image.


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