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Hundreds of sceneries tailored to your needs

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Virtual Training Suite scenery

A Wide Choice of Sceneries

With VTS Editor, enjoy a selection of 64 sceneries with a wide range of themes, professional environments, and spaces from the get-go.

The + option gives you access to the full catalog, featuring over 200 sceneries!

Scenery selection screen in VTS Editor

Create your own Sceneries

Whether you want to create your own sceneries or position your characters and media areas as you wish, the Scenery Configurator is here to help!

Manage all the parameters of your customized sceneries, including light orientation and colorimetry, with simplified handling.

Create your own sceneries with the scenery configurator in VTS Editor

Want a more elaborate
custom sceneries?

From immersive 3D to VR, including 360° sceneries

Custom sceneries in VTS EditorCustom sceneries in VTS EditorCustom sceneries in VTS EditorCustom sceneries in VTS Editor
Virtual Training Suite scenery

As Close to Reality as Possible

Sceneries bursting with detail for immersive rendering!
Ask our immersive 3D technology experts to recreate your offices, shops, factories, or any type of complex for digital role-play that reinvents learning.
For virtual onboardings, risk hunting, or highly interactive escape games, immerse your learners as closely as possible to their professional context.

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Interactive points of interest

The backgrounds can be created with many clickable interactive areas, particularly suitable for escape games or risk hunts. These points of interest enrich gamification.

vts sceneries clothes

Environments more Real than Nature

Using images of your company environments has never been so easy. Virtual characters evolve in familiar and realistic environments.

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Your employer brand

Adapt your scenarios to the local culture by creating tailor-made environments that you can deploy worldwide.

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