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Custom E‑Learning Training with Serious Factory

Gone are the E‑Learning and face‑to‑face trainings in which the learning experience is hard to measure and communication supports are limited.
The digital age has opened the door to more accessible, effective, and flexible learning paths.

By combining this technological advancement with the pedagogical resources and digitalization tools developed by Serious Factory, your e‑learning project enters a new dimension: that of interactivity!

The Serious Factory team creates your e‑learning courses
The benefits of gamified e‑learning training

The Advantages of E‑Learning Training

Digital training, with its flexible nature and learner‑centered approach, represents a contemporary and effective learning solution to develop relevant professional skills in a professional environment dominated by the digital sphere.

Designing a distance learning training program is part of an approach to customization and adaptation to new learning methods.

A certifying e‑Learning training offers a range of advantages that precisely meet learners' expectations and the needs of organizations.

Time Savings Learners, private companies, and institutions save precious time thanks to the elimination of travel in an efficiency‑focused e‑learning strategy.
Flexibility The e‑learning platform allows learners to train at their own pace with unparalleled adaptability at the level of personal and professional organization. This flexible aspect of e‑learning training meets various constraints and lifestyles for better integration of professional skills.
Learner Autonomy The possibility to design custom modules and access a variety of pedagogical activities strengthens autonomy. Learners proactively manage their digital training by selecting resources suited to their needs and adjusting their learning pace.
Cost‑Effectiveness Distance learning significantly reduces costs related to physical infrastructure as well as to pedagogical materials and offers a strong return on investment for organizations. Performance analysis via the LMS platform allows precise evaluation of this ROI.
Performance Analysis The authoring tools developed by Serious Factory facilitate the monitoring of progress and the adjustment of the e‑Learning training program based on results obtained. This analysis ensures continuous alignment of the training with the learners' goals and the structure originating the digital learning project.

Opt for High‑Quality E‑Learning Training through Gamification

Creating impactful and fun e‑learning training requires rethinking the pedagogical approach to engage and motivate learners.

To help you achieve this goal, Serious Factory proposes integrating gamification into the learning process. As an expert in the creation of interactive and gamified e‑learning training, Serious Factory is committed to designing learning experiences that not only educate but captivate through an approach that aims to:

Enhance Engagement

Gamification uses game elements to make learning more interactive and engaging. By transforming learning into a series of challenges to be met, learners are more likely to actively invest in their training.

Gamified e‑learning training ‑ Engagement
Gamified E‑learning training ‑ Adaptive

Create Customized Learning Paths

Thanks to gamified training modules, it is possible to design personalized learning paths tailored to the individual needs of each learner.
By gathering data on performance and user preferences, our instructional designers can adjust activities to better meet learning styles and enhance training effectiveness.

Improve Knowledge Retention

Game mechanics, such as spaced repetition and interactive quizzes, facilitate the retention of information by making review more dynamic and less tedious.
By strategically integrating these elements, learners reinforce their understanding and memorization of your key concepts more enduringly.

Gamified e‑learning training ‑ Memorization
Gamified E‑learning courses ‑ Collaboration

Foster Collaboration

Gamification elements like leaderboards or team challenges encourage healthy competition and collaboration among colleagues.
This creates a motivating group dynamic where learners share knowledge, support each other, and drive each other towards achieving their learning goals.

Provide Immediate Feedback

E‑learning through play allows for immediate feedback to learners, essential for adjusting learning strategies and correcting mistakes in real‑time.
This rapid feedback is crucial to the learning process as it allows learners to understand their mistakes and continually improve.

Gamified e‑learning training ‑ Feedback

As an expert in creating custom, high‑quality e‑learning training, Serious Factory implements these gamification principles to develop captivating programs that meet and exceed your learning goals.

Gamification in distance education is not just a playful addition to learning; it is a powerful educational strategy that transforms the learning experience through deeply engaging, effective, and memorable e‑learning training.

E‑Learning and Serious Games: An Innovative Combination for Professional Training

If you think that gamified distance learning will not be taken seriously or that pedagogical methods through play will not be effective, think again!
Gamification by Serious Factory revolutionizes e‑learning strategy.

Offering your learners an online virtual environment in an interactive serious game and innovative e‑learning training creates a safe space that encourages fun and positive emotions, where learning is the only thing that matters, regardless of the number of failures.

The creation of custom e‑learning training by our team of experts in digital learning and educational engineering allows you to offer unique modules to your learners.
Under the guidance of our project manager, all professionals, engineers, instructional designers, and digital training advisors at Serious Game are at your disposal to revolutionize your vision of certifying e‑learning training.

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Since 2007, we have been creating gamified experiences that develop the joy of learning to increase learner engagement and strengthen skills acquisition.

Why Choose Serious Factory for Your E‑Learning Training?

Our commitments

Our commitments

We support you in the creation, deployment and implementation of competency management while respecting costs, production deadlines and your brand identity.

Evolving projects

Evolving projects

Our tailor‑made projects are designed with VTS Editor so that you can develop them independently.

Our expertise

Our expertise

Pedagogical engineering, storytelling, game design, digital training strategy audit and consultancy, research & development, UI/UX design... A watchword: Innovation.

Agile methodology

Agile methodology

Your satisfaction is our priority. We work hand in hand until the final objective is achieved.

When we support our clients in their digital learning project, we establish a relationship of trust by placing you at the heart of the pedagogical strategy.

From defining your needs to skill management, through the creation and deployment of your online training formats, our team stands by your side, hand in hand, to design effective and customized learning devices.

By calling on Serious Factory, you opt for a high level of expertise in the creation and management of e‑learning training as well as a commitment to satisfy you at all times.
If you want to learn more about our offers and software solutions, schedule a demonstration, or simply talk about your project, contact us and let's see together how to revolutionize your e‑learning training programs.

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