VTS Editor - Introduction to variables

As part of a training program designed to boost your learners' retention rate, offer educational content tailored to their needs. Promote their skills through training, by creating unique, fully personalized and replayable experiences.
Design mini-games and adapt the flow of your scenarios to the learner's choice in your experiments, thanks to VTS Editor's advanced use of variables.

Tutored coaching
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Advanced level
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For up to 2 people
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5 hours
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  • Know how to use the VTS Editor tool;
  • Have the VTS Editor software installed on your computer with an active license;
  • It is recommended that you have taken the VTS Editor - Intermediate Level course (including advanced use of Flags and Check Flags blocks).
  • You may be asked to take a technical test to validate your beginner's level as a prerequisite to attending the course.
Icon Objectives


  • Know and be able to use all VTS Editor variable functions;
  • Use VTS Editor variables to enhance end-user skills;
  • Use VTS Editor variables to personalize the end-user experience.
Icon Objectives


  • Reminder of Intermediate level training (flags) and use of new blocks;
  • Impact of variables in interaction blocks (focus on clickable zones);
  • Functions of variables and integration of variables into an existing scenario.
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  • Instructional designers, digital learning project managers, digital learning integrators, digital learning developers, etc.;
  • Any technically-minded person wishing to familiarize themselves with variable functions in VTS.
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Anyone over 18. Handicapped access ‑ on request.

Icon Objectives


  • Diagnostic interview (30 minutes);
  • 3 distance learning sessions lasting 1H30.
Total : 5h
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