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Interactive and tutored presentation of Virtual Training Suite

by Serious Factory

Scenario Simulation : Discover the fundamentals of photography through a situation in a store

Discover the Virtual Training Suite in a fun and interactive way in this first tutored commercial presentation !

– Clickable Zones

– Variables

– Emotions

– Flags / Check Flags

– Inventories

– Sound

For an optimal reading experience, use the most recent PC and MAC browsers :
-Mozilla Firefox: version 42 or higher
– Microsoft Edge: version 13 or higher
– Google Chrome: version 46 or higher
– Apple Safari: recent version

If you do not have the possibility to use a browser other than those mentioned below, contact us so that we can propose a deployment solution adapted to your needs :
– Microsoft Internet Explorer: any version
– All other browsers not specified above
– Hybrid tablets are officially not compatible since performance can be random

542 blocks

4 sceneries

10 characters

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Virtual-training Suite - Serious game, game design photo Serious factory e-learning module
Immersive learning– Simulation Serious Factory -

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