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As La Poste transforms its business model in the face of a declining need for mail, and offices that are less and less frequented, France's leading employer with 200,000 employees, has chosen to deploy an Office 365 in-house communication and collaboration platform dubbed ".COM1". This system, designed to facilitate access to the right information while guaranteeing data security, requires mastery of certain best practices.

In addition to streamlining technical resources and making savings, .com1 is designed to achieve transformation and improvement objectives, in line with the Group's strategic plan: La Poste 2020: Conquering the future.


IT security is a constant concern for all organizations, including La Poste Group. Employees are regularly informed of the security rules in force, but the ever-increasing porosity between the personal and professional worlds is leading to many loopholes in practices, and it is necessary to support information in the protection against viruses, intrusion attempts and phishing. The recent rollout of Office 365 within the Group is an opportunity to relaunch a staff awareness campaign.

La Poste therefore wanted to create a platform in line with new digital usages, enabling postal workers to work better together, and to share their innovations and ideas. This platform will replace, enhance and unify existing tools (messaging, calendar, search engine, etc.), and offer several collaborative tools: a corporate social network, co-creation and instant communication applications (chat, SMS-like, video or audio conferencing), and a document management space (EDM).

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Defending against cyber-attacks requires technology, of course, but it's also the day-to-day reflexes of employees that attendee a company's cybersecurity. This is why user behavior remains the best bulwark of cyber defense. To protect a company from the main threats, and help its employees recover the right reflexes, Digital Learning is proving to be an excellent opportunity for international groups to raise awareness on a large scale.

The teaching method envisaged to meet these challenges is a realistic simulation of a digital treasure hunt. To achieve this, the module was divided into 4 sequences, deployed over 4 weeks at a rate of one per week. Each of these sequences was composed of one type of game. The games were short, lasting less than 5 minutes, and involved the following key skills:

Observer une situation. Identify anomalies. Suggest corrections.

Perform routine tasks (e-mail management, document exchange).

Test your reflexes with a series of quizzes and role-play exercises.


These weekly mini-games helped maximize attendee involvement, notably with the organization of an internal competition promising rewards for the top 20 scores obtained by employees on the leaderboard. The cybersecurity month launched around the .com1 platform has helped to anchor important messages about information systems security. The aim of the competition was also to create a buzz around the .com1 site and democratize its use among employees.

Les bénéfices de l’approche :

Facilitate learning and good behavior among employees.

Meet compliance and internal policy requirements, while respecting the organizational culture with regard to information security.

Learn the basics and best practices for reducing the risks associated with everyday use of technology.

Equip employees to handle data in accordance with Group requirements.

Acquire a greater understanding of the organization's legal issues regarding the protection of intangible assets.

Some Figures


This is the percentage of learners who validate the relevance of the Serious Game for use in their daily professional and personal lives.

+ de 8 000

The number of learners trained in 4 weeks.


This is the percentage of learners who will apply the good practices worked on in the module.

From postman to top management, Serious Factory has enabled us to reach out to all employees to raise awareness of good IT security practices and the proper use of the .com1 platform.

Digital Transformation Communication Manager for the digital branch

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