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Lean Management and customer satisfaction


The PSA Group, owner of the Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall automotive brands, has implemented the Excellence method in order to sustainably improve the company's performance. For the Group, this improvement involves first and foremost developing employee skills, by meeting the challenges of appropriating and anchoring the best practices to be applied at the point of sale, and then by simplifying and streamlining processes.

The Excellence method is therefore based on the Group's Lean Management and Quality approach, to ensure that employees, who are autonomous and involved in shared objectives, have better control over and improve their activities.


La formation en présentiel au sein du groupe présente un intérêt certain pour faire ancrer les bonnes pratiques de la méthode Excellence chez les collaborateurs. Previously, this training was provided in the form of on-site coaching sessions by local trainers in the various countries. However, it can reach certain limits for a large international group such as PSA, which needs to train learners all over the world and provide them with regular training. In this context, digital training is essential to reach out to all employees, engage them and reproduce as faithfully as possible the situations they will face.

At PSA, Zone Managers play a vital role in managing sales outlets and developing their performance, particularly in terms of customer satisfaction. They must be fully conversant with the Group's recommended methods and best practices. This is why the Group needs digital training in the EXCELLENCE method, which focuses on all the operational skills required of a Zone Manager, while providing attendees with a personalized experience.

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Serious Factory responded to this need by designing a realistic two-part training simulation to work on the key skills of the Zone Manager:

Verification of compliance with standards.

Problem-solving method.

In this module, the innovation is based on the principle of the Digital Learning coach. The learner takes on the role of Luke, a Zone Manager from a sales outlet, and coaches his or her interlocutors on the method through immersive, gamified and realistic scenarios. The aim is to confront him with frequent or rare situations to help him manage them effectively. Indeed, trial-and-error learning and regular feedback give learners a good level of confidence and mastery, and as they progress, they become more effective in customer satisfaction, management and operational processes.

The experience is deployed in all countries at the same time on smartphones, and requires no additional logistics.


The PSA Group opted for the VTS Perform LMS/LXP platform to obtain statistical feedback from the simulation once deployed. Indeed, VTS Perform enables the group's trainers to obtain rich and exploitable statistical feedback, for each of the two parts of the experience and its scenarios. A large-scale deployment was successfully carried out, facilitated by the Virtual Training Suite software solution, which makes it easy to add local languages with synthesized voices, and track the progress of skills acquisition.

Trained employees were thus able to assimilate the method in an operational way and anchor the right behaviors, which would not have been possible with traditional e-learning. In addition, the digitalization and gamified pedagogy of the scenario greatly increased the rate of commitment and completion (over 50% in 6 months!). The format also made it possible to roll out the training simulation to importers and reach other complementary populations.

Some Figures


This is the participation rate


The number of training hours accumulated by learners.

68 minutes

This is the total duration of the module.

At PSA, Zone Managers play a vital role in stimulating sales outlets and developing their performance, particularly in terms of customer satisfaction. With the Serious Game pedagogy, the Zone Manager is put in an operational situation to support his sales outlets. By playing out immersive scenarios, he learns the method and how to deploy it at the point of sale.
We chose to deploy the course on a smartphone, which means that it can be used in all countries at the same time. This new pedagogical approach has increased the number of course completions by over 50% in just 6 months!

Leader of the training program for PSA Group Zone Managers

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