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Process Communication Model®, fut initialement développé par le professeur Taibi Kahler dans le but de préparer les équipages d’astronautes de la NASA à mieux travailler ensemble. Based on the observation of verbal and behavioral communication, the model's primary aim is to develop self-awareness and understanding of others, in order to optimize day-to-day relationships. What's more, PCM® is the only model that simultaneously identifies, prevents and avoids misunderstandings, through the predictability of behavior under stress.

Kahler Communication France is a training organization that provides coaching, supervision and consulting services. Having built its reputation on the deployment of the Process Communication Model® tool, it has been providing training in the model for 32 years, and delivering certification to trainers, coaches and recruiters.


The reform of the French vocational training system has enabled training organizations to rethink their offerings thanks to the recognition of multimodality, and therefore of Digital Learning in the broadest sense. With this in mind, KCF wanted to transform its offering by digitizing part of its PCM® "discovery" and "advanced notions" training programs.

Thus, the aim is to raise awareness of the PCM® among its trainers and coaches, by means of a training simulation, with innovative technology: combining mechanisms of immersion, gamification and trial-and-error learning.

The project also had to reflect the 6 personality types defined by the model :
Hardworking, Promoting, Persevering, Empathetic, Rebellious and Dreamer. These 6 types should be reflected both in their verbal and non-verbal communication, their respective work environments and their ways of interacting with the learner.

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In close collaboration with KCF, Serious Factory designed this training simulation using the VTS Editor software solution, combining immersive 360° 3D sets, realistic and expressive characters, gamification elements and verbal and non-verbal cues.

This project was designed and developed for trainers and coaches in the KCF network;
At a conceptual level, the metaphor of the personality building was used in the project. This approach engages the learner in an immersive discovery of the 6 personality types of the PCM® model. The atmosphere on each floor has been designed to give the learner a feel for the way of being, and an understanding of the key characteristics of each personality type. After the discovery phase, the second part of the game invites the learner to confront the characters' reactions under stress. By adapting their communication, they can defuse discomfort and make the conversation constructive and motivating.


Kahler Communication France a opté pour un déploiement et une remontée statistique du Serious Game via la plateforme LXP (Learning eXperience Platform) VTS Perform. At a time when data is making a major contribution to the development of learners' skills, VTS Perform provides PCM® trainers with rich, usable Learning Analytics for each scenario and situation in the simulation. Precise reports on learner usage and skills acquisition are available at all times.

Thanks to the synergy between Kahler Communication France's teams' perfect knowledge of the model and Serious Factory's expertise in Digital Learning, this training simulation has been received with great success by learner-users. This enthusiasm is due in particular to the relevance and realism of the situations, the rich, immersive graphic environments, and the gamification mechanisms that encourage the desire for progress and discovery.

Some Figures


The number of attendees at 50 organized sessions

1 737

The number of training hours accumulated by learners.


That's the average time of use for all users. This demonstrates the level of commitment and enjoyment generated by this innovative educational tool

I didn't expect such a result. I almost forgot that the characters' interactions in their environments are virtual. It's great to have a tool that allows everyone to discover PCM at their own pace, so they can communicate better and deal with tricky situations.

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