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Today, cyber-attacks are on the increase, threatening the security of information systems for companies in all sectors. The subject of cybersecurity is therefore at the heart of the concerns of the Thales Group, a world leader in high technologies, which is a major target for malicious cyber behavior.

To protect itself against these threats, the Thales Group relies not only on the training of its technical security teams, known as Redteam and Blueteam, but also on the development of an internal culture of cybersecurity.

In fact, this culture makes it possible to detect and thwart the majority of attacks by making employees aware of the need to adopt best practices and contribute to the Group's security.


Against this backdrop of high stakes for Thales, and for all types of company, the Group has decided to set up a Serious Game targeting all of its 83,000 employees, with no prerequisites whatsoever. It should be able to be played and replayed on its own, to suit the learner's pace, during sessions of 30 minutes maximum, to encourage long-term retention of cybersecurity information.

To achieve this, the Serious Game must be able to engage quickly, notably through the use of gamification and by putting the learner at the heart of a simulation in which he or she is the protagonist, be played in complete autonomy on mobile, tablet or PC, be deployable rapidly and massively internationally via LMS, as well as enable verification of the follow-up of the experience in compliance with the Group's training obligations.

Ultimately, the aim of CyberSmart is to enable all our employees to improve their behavior in terms of cybersecurity by questioning our day-to-day actions.


The Thales Group called on Serious Factory and VTS Editor to co-design an educational simulation in line with the above requirements. Working alongside the experts at Serious Factory, Marc-Henri MARIUS created this immersive, highly interactive experience on VTS Editor, the software used to create training simulations and Serious Games.

Indeed, VTS Editor enabled Marc-Henri MARIUS to create an inductive and playful experience, strongly inspired by video or board games such as Phoenix Wright, Track Agency, Cluedo or The Crew. The principle behind the simulation? The learner finds himself in the shoes of a Groupe X employee, confronted with a serious security problem. He or she must investigate and discover the cause of the problem.

This Serious Game has recently been deployed at Thales, as well as being made freely available at Serious Factory. The LXP platform, VTS Perform, was chosen for deployment. The use of this platform enables the Thales group to deploy the simulation easily internally, and to obtain detailed game statistics; and for Serious Factory to make it freely available, on a self-registration basis, so that everyone can become aware of a subject that concerns us all.


For several years now, the Thales Group has relied on Serious Factory to support its digital educational projects, designed using VTS Editor software. After Destination Proxima Thalesio in 2019, a project to raise awareness of the Group's HSE policy within the framework of the French Energy Transition Act, the release of CyberSmart bears witness to a strong desire to use Digital Learning to impact the practices of Group employees.

Although the simulation has only just been deployed at Thales, to date more than 50 people from the training world have been able to go through it from start to finish, with free access, and discover the effectiveness of Digital Learning in designing high-quality storytelling and enhancing learner engagement.

For anyone wishing to discover it, the CyberSmart simulation is available with free access.

Some Figures

25 minutes

This is the average playing time per attendee over a session.

86 000

The number of employees who have had access to this simulation.

At the outset, we wanted to develop a positive educational action, which would lead to a pedagogical reflection on our individual and collective practices, and which could also take the form of a slightly innovative project to enable attendees to embody, embody, reflect on and deconstruct the codes and mysteries socially constructed around cybersecurity. This is precisely what the CyberSmart experience provides, with its immersive and experiential potential.

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