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For over 10 years, Axel Performance has been a major player in the field of training, offering a variety of cutting-edge learning experiences to meet the needs of all learners. The organization is also the exclusive partner of Crucial Learning for France.

Crucial Learning, an expert in social sciences, operates in more than 36 countries and has already trained over 2 million people worldwide. Their programs are based on over 30 years of social science research and are available in more than 16 languages.

Axel Performance also represents the Ken Blanchard Company, renowned for its leadership development methods. In 2022, both Crucial Learning and the Ken Blanchard Company were ranked in the Top 20 leadership training organizations worldwide.


Axel Performance had the goal of digitizing the Conversations Cruciales training program, which focuses on the importance of effectively communicating and addressing crucial conversations. The objective was to meet the constant market demand for Soft Skills training and optimize time and budget. Conversations Cruciales is a comprehensive Soft Skills training program that originated in the United States and has sold over 5 million copies of its accompanying book. The program was initially designed to create awareness among the general public about the importance of effective communication.

In order to promote innovation and raise awareness about Soft Skills, Axel Performance aimed to go beyond traditional paper-based materials and in-person training by offering a new, fully digital solution. The development of a digital simulator was crucial to move away from conventional e-learning methods and engage participants actively. By allowing learners to interact with a 3D environment, make decisions in realistic situations, and construct their own learning experience through a progressive quest format, the immersive learning solution Conversations Cruciales was created. This approach enables the delivery of highly practical content that participants can apply in real-life scenarios.

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Axel Performance turned to Serious Factory and its Virtual Training Suite software solution to offer a comprehensive, immersive, and gamified simulation to its target audience. VTS Editor, the innovative training creation software, was used by Axel Performance to autonomously develop the Immersive Learning Conversations Cruciales. VTS Editor is the most suitable software for developing content and interactions specific to the Conversations Cruciales method. It is user-friendly and allows the integration of various pedagogical approaches such as active learning, reverse learning, and adaptive learning, which enhance information retention and skill development among learners. The solution was divided into two parts: a theoretical component and a practical component, catering to a wide range of learner profiles, from current managers to individuals undergoing career transitions. This simulation-based approach ensures that anyone can learn through the immersive learning experience.

The final solution offered by Axel Performance is a unique form of training that breaks away from traditional simulation models. Learners begin with an introductory module that immerses them in the concept of crucial conversations and highlights their relevance in daily life. They are then transported to a parallel universe set in Earth's future (2070), where they must reconstruct the model of Conversations Cruciales based on their earlier learning.


The immersive Conversations Cruciales training was launched in French in July 2021 after 16 months of work. The English version has also been available since the end of 2021 for English-speaking learners. The development of the solution was carried out internally at Axel Performance, following training to quickly gain expertise in the software. The team also received personalized guidance from an expert to ensure optimal design.

The completion of Conversations Cruciales also provided an opportunity for Axel Performance to update the various exercises and Serious Games that had seen minimal changes since their creation in 2016. All the updated content is now ready to be offered to clients, providing a significant advantage in a market where Serious Games and other immersive experiences are often inaccessible due to budget constraints.

Since 2017, Axel Performance has provided a blended learning experience to over 5,500 learners with the Conversations Cruciales Serious Game. Now, it is taking a leap towards a 100% immersive format, offering a more engaging and impactful learning experience.

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The number of training, assessment and anchoring modules that make up Crucial Conversations.


That's how long it takes to finish the entire scenario for the first time.

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The number of learners trained since the system was set up.

The VTS Editor software is out of the ordinary, enabling a layperson (like me) to develop a 3D learning experience that is both relevant and engaging. The unfailing support of my trainer and the team at Serious Factory have made it possible for a firm like ours to offer the very best in digital content for training. In a word, thank you!

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