How to build skills with engaging, immersive Business Games

Ludimation is a training organization convinced that teaching should be fun. It therefore naturally specialized in student Business Games to enable students to improve their skills in areas such as financial management and human resources. Mathieu Hurbain, the company's founder, took the opportunity to explain how VTS Editor enables him to save time and change from a trainer to a coach.

What is a Business Game?

Business Games are a learning modality offered to students from many different study paths. Fun and games-based in nature, they enable students to reinforce skills such as teamwork, crisis resolution and management - skills deemed necessary for working in the corporate world. In the case of the Business Games created with VTS Editor, they rely on virtual immersion to recreate this competitive environment and engage students more effectively.

The added value of Ludimation Business Games

In a traditional Business Game, student learners are required to make strategic and operational choices while at the same time attendingee the management of a company. Mathieu Hurbain has taken this immersion one step further, simulating all the peripheral activities that also play a part in corporate life. Job interviews, strike management, creating marketing campaigns... However, these simulations were time-consuming: running 20 5-minute interviews took up more than an hour and a half of the session's time, time which could have been used to give advice or answer questions. This is where VTS Editor comes into its own.

Ludimation is able to offer these same interviews in digital format to all learners simultaneously! This is a real time-saver, allowing the trainer to position himself as a coach rather than an examiner!

If you too would like to create immersive, interactive Business Games, don't hesitate to download the trial version of VTS Editor!

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