Developing life skills in training through behavioural simulators: Video testimony from VitalSmarts

VitalSmarts France, a consulting and training firm specialising in human capital development, develops people skills in organisations in order to improve operating methods and relations between employees. Cathia Birac, Associate Director of VitalSmarts France, tells us in an interview about the choice of integrating behavioural simulators into her training programs to address crucial and challenging situations.

Cathia Birac, publisher of the book “Conversations Cruciales“, supports employees in the daily preparation and management of conversations at stake. In this context, VitalSmarts sought an innovative solution to enable learners to train, following their training, in the appropriation of new communication reflexes. The VTS Editor software has thus made it possible to easily create differentiating behavioural simulations to train for situations where emotions, non-verbal and the tone used have a significant impact.
The advantages of this virtual training are many:
– Identify and identify crucial and challenging situations;
– Be confronted with concrete and realistic situations in order to acquire and develop the right automatisms;
– Offer digital tools in post-attendance to check the acquired knowledge, practice behavioural training and acquire communication reflexes.

Faced with the success of these training modules and the improvement of the skills of its learners, Cathia Birac is not stopping there and will soon launch a new online learning offer “Crucial Three”.

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