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« How do you ensure that learners retain the concepts they've seen or the tools they've used in a classroom training session, even a few months after it's over? » This was the question posed by Jean-Jacques Jeannin, Director of Blue Training Play. Of course, the answer to this question lies in the digitalization of the practical and training phases!

What is an Escape Game?

The Escape Game originally originated in video games, and involves the player escaping from one or more rooms in which he or she is trapped. This innovative concept has continued to develop, reaching a physical dimension with the creation of dedicated rooms: Escape rooms. This format is perfectly suited to the field of Digital Learning.

Imagine that you want to train an employee in a fun way, but you don't have a room big enough to set up such a system. With immersive learning modules, learners are placed in a digital room where they can search for clues in point-and-click mode to unlock the scenario. In this way, the learner will benefit not from the end result of the scenario, but from all the thought that has gone into putting together the information he or she has found.

Nurse anesthetist Damien Duthoy used digital technology in his scenario to create an Escape Game that was both educational and immersive. His goal: offer students a new way of learning that breaks away from traditional learning.

The added value of Escape Games in Immersive Learning

Damien Duthoy has taken the use of new technologies a step further, incorporating elements from both the real and virtual worlds into his VTS Editor scenario. For example, the learner digs into the scene created with VTS Editor to find a clue which can then be used on a real object. In this way, he demonstrates that it is possible to combine VTS Editor with elements such as QR codes, or even real objects, to enhance immersion and learner involvement, and encourage teamwork, a skill that is essential in the medical field.

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