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“How can we ensure that learners retain the concepts seen or the tools used in face-to-face training sessions a few months after its end?” This is the question Jean-Jacques Jeannin, Director of Blue Training Play, asked himself. Of course, the answer to this question lies in the digitisation of the practical phase and the training!

In this interview, Jean-Jacques Jeannin, director of Blue Training Play, testifies to the relevance of 3D simulation and Serious Game in monitoring his post-training learners. There are several reasons for this:

– The possibility for the learner to practice a training by the error. The learner can make an inconsequential mistake in the real world, analyze the impact of his errors and replay them in order to correct them.
– The possibility for the learner to practice a regular regular training. Indeed, learners are free to train whenever and wherever they wish thanks to the mobile dimension of the experiences created.
– The possibility for the trainer to reduce costs. Blue Training Play has been able to reduce the number of costly face-to-face days in favour of online training sessions without losing in terms of information retention.

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