The successful choice of the reversed classroom with VTS Editor : Lycée Albert De Mun

The Albert De Mun High School, composed of 3 centres in Paris with nearly 1600 students and 160 teachers, is a pioneer in reversed and reversed pedagogy. Fabrice Rio, Deputy Director of Vocational Training, explains in an interview how he was able to implement this new teaching methodology within his school using the authoring software VTS Editor.

In this interview, Fabrice Rio explains the steps of setting up new educational devices such as simulations using the authoring software VTS Editor :

– A quick and relevant training of students and teachers in the authoring tool VTS Editor by the Serious Factory teams.
– A restitution of the trainees’ professional achievements in the form of realistic scenarios.
– Sharing these experiences by reversing the codes of traditional pedagogy: the student takes the place of the trainer and learns to become a teacher himself.
– The possibility for all students to benefit from the advice and good practices of their peers.

VTS Editor allowed the final year students of the Lycée Albert De Mun to build their simulations themselves in complete autonomy. They were then able to materialize their professional experiences in the form of realistic scenarios that they then distributed to students from previous classes. This helps to position students as trainers and prepare them for their future roles as autonomous managers and pedagogues.

The VTS Editor project does not stop there. Indeed, Fabrice Rio plans for 2018 to collaborate with another high school in the Paris region to pool the simulations created and participate in many international competitions.

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