Engaging students with the reversed classroom and digital learning

The Lycée Carcado-Saisseval in Paris offers a wide range of courses for its students, from bac -3 (bac pro, CAP, bac technologique) to bac +3 (BTS, licence pro). In order to best support students in their learning, Olivier François DDFPT at Lycée Carcado Saisseval, experimented with the flipped classroom in one of his classes, and explains to us in an interview how he implemented this new teaching methodology using the authoring software VTS Editor.

During the session, the students used the VTS Editor authoring software to create a sales scenario, which they then presented to the whole class. Using VTS Editor, they were able to create immersive scenarios that met their pedagogical needs. After a quick introduction to the software, each pair of students chose a setting and characters to bring to life, then wrote the dialogues between these characters. They then worked on the choices offered to the "players" and thought about the score to be given according to each possibility. VTS Editor made it possible to create immersive modules with professional scenarios, without them having to have any computer or graphics skills.

This example shows that it's a good idea to let students express their creativity to create scenarios that they can then play out with other students. This playful and original design method engages them in their learning.

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