Train agents in customer relations in a virtual airport

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  Client and context

EasyJet is a British airline and one of the most used in Europe. The company relies on what is called low cost prices in order to allow people to travel thanks to flights within the reach of all budgets and to promote a culture of connection and togetherness.

As an airline with a European influence, EasyJet has many call centers, some of which are located in countries that are still developing. The company places great emphasis on equal employment opportunities, recruiting people from different backgrounds and making no distinction between social backgrounds. With this in mind, EasyJet is now facing many economic and social challenges.


EasyJet regularly recruits people from heterogeneous social backgrounds. As a result, it is not mandatory for the population of agents to have already traveled by plane or visited an airport where the airline is present.

Due to logistical challenges and costs, it is not possible to arrange airport tours or flights. However, to guarantee the quality of the service, it is essential that the agents understand the challenges that an airport represents for a customer.

EasyJet therefore needed to develop a digital training, easily deployable, in order to fill a gap in the training of agents spread over three continents and with limited experience of airports, and this, in a cost-effective way. The need was therefore to be able to bring the airport to EasyJet centers and offer new agents a virtual simulation of their daily work at the airport.


EasyJet chose Serious Factory to perform a virtual reality training simulation. The choice of virtual reality, made possible with VTS Editor, was made in order to boost immersion and the impact of simulation on employees. This immersion allows learners to realize the appropriate behaviors to adopt to provide the passenger with an ideal customer experience.

In this simulation, the agent is placed in a situation as a traveler in a virtual airport. This reversal of roles is very important for the new employee, because it will allow him to:

Discover the journey of a customer from A to Z, to acquire the knowledge necessary for the operation of an airport;

Observe the good behavior of its virtual collaborators and thus acquire good practices;

 Work on soft-skills in depth, as in reality.

In addition, the employee will be confronted with virtual agents during his career, which reinforces the degree of immersion.

On the deployment side, this is done via the LXP platform, VTS Perform. Indeed, the use of this platform allows EasyJet to deploy the simulation easily in VR headsets and to follow the progress of the agents in the simulation, in particular by obtaining detailed statistics.

  Benefits and results

The solution proposed by Serious Factory was quickly adopted by the new EasyJet agents concerned. All training sessions are delivered in the classroom using VR headsets and are deployed across 9 different airline sites.

Over the past two years, the simulation has trained more than 6,000 new employees in 7 countries.

The use of virtual reality and simulation has made it possible to record notable benefits for EasyJet: overall, all operational key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the work of the agents concerned have seen a marked improvement. This improvement can be seen today on the average call processing time, on the key indicator of customer satisfaction (CSAT) as well as on the resolution time of the first contact for example.

Serious Factory’s expertise won over EasyJet and future collaboration on other training projects is already planned.

The solution was deployed in the second half of 2019 and is still in use today.

  Some figures


agents trained

+ 5 pts 

CSAT score


increase in First Contact Resolution

« Evolving in an extremely dynamic industry, we are looking for partners capable of keeping up with our pace and showing great flexibility, in order to be able to adapt to our constantly changing needs. Serious Factory not only knew how to answer them, but also offered us valuable advice for improvement at each stage of our project. All our requests were handled with dynamism, expertise and efficiency. Thank you for contributing to our success! »

Mehdi Gana
Senior proposition manager
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