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The University of Orléans, located in the Centre-Val de Loire region, offers its students a rich training experience every year, divided into different professional sectors. Its international vocation is affirmed from year to year and its capacity for innovation is reflected in the dynamism of its research and the transfer of technology to regional, national and international companies.

Edifice is an IDEFI project (Excellence Initiatives in Innovative Training) set up in 2012 which is based on close collaboration between the University of Orléans and its laboratories, nine high schools of the Orléans-Tours academy, the CNRS , BRGM and INRAE. This consists of a modular system to promote the orientation of high school students in science and human and social sciences.

Today, the reception and professional integration support systems for students and adults contribute to making the University of Orléans a major player in territorial development. In this context and in the continuity of the Edifice project, the student experience on campus is a major priority.


The University of Orléans offers to help its future students in their choice of orientation through various workshops bringing together highschool students, university students and labs personnel as part of the orientation course of the EDIFICE project. One of these workshops is a treasure hunt to discover the Orléans campus. However, the arrival of the COVID called into question the feasibility of these workshops, particularly during the period of confinement, during which the University had to close its doors and give priority to distance learning courses.

The University of Orléans therefore wished to overcome this problem by redesigning their physical treasure hunt in an immersive virtual version accessible mainly to high school students but also to anyone wishing to discover the Orléans campus, its services and its training offer, in a fun approach, on PC, tablet and mobile. The game must therefore be available online, with free access.


The University of Orléans called upon several expert service providers in the field of Serious Games and chose Serious Factory for the proximity of the solution provided to the initial request and the educational objectives. The Serious Factory teams therefore developed, in co-design with Édifice’s educational designers, a virtual treasure hunt project using the VTS Editor creation software.

The virtual treasure hunt is available to future students directly on the Edifice project website at the following address:

The scenario of the treasure hunt is simple: lost in the virtual campus, the future student is invited to carry out a quest given by a small robot, a real virtual guide, in which he will have to find his coins scattered all over the campus.

The design of the game required obtaining 360° shots directly on campus so that students could experience it on their devices as if they were there. Indeed, during the game, they have the opportunity to look everywhere around them, which reinforces the feeling of immersion and already allows them to gain landmarks on campus.

At the end of the game, an evaluation questionnaire was sent to the high school students who had tested the game in order to obtain their feelings, to measure the relevance of the information offered and to consider possible improvements.


The treasure hunt was recently deployed on the Édifice website directly on the browser and via VTS Player, to be played on all types of devices. As a result, the results could not yet be measured quantitatively.

However, to date, more than 100 high school students have already been able to test the game. The feedback is very positive: according to them, the game offered is enriching, immersive, innovative, interactive and very fun due to the extensive use of gamification in particular. The “Juicy Learning” method was used to design this game, a method that has already proven itself many times in the design of immersive training simulations.

This first version of the game is therefore a first step, limited in this version to the Orleans campus. Its success means that we can already envisage the development of the game for remote sites (Bourges, Châteauroux and Issoudun) in the coming months.

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des apprenants valident la pertinence du Serious Game pour un usage dans leur quotidien professionnel et personnel.

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apprenants formés sur l’ensemble du module en 4 semaines.


apprenants formés sur l’ensemble du module en 4 semaines.


des apprenants ont été satisfaits de la durée et du contenu de ce Serious Game.
" This project allowed us to offer an innovative and fun solution for discovering the campus of the University of Orléans. Serious Factory understood our need and we were able to co-build an educational tool adapted to our public of high school students. We will continue the development of our project using VTS Editor. "

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