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Onboarding new employees to the club

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The Basic-Fit adventure began in 1984 when René Moos, current CEO, laid the groundwork for the fitness chain, which has now become the leader in its market in Europe. Basic-Fit now brings together more than 1,000 clubs in Europe, including more than 500 in France, making it the largest gym chain in the country. The Basic-Fit concept is based on 5 essential values: Being, Accessible, Smart, Inclusive, Committed.

In this context, the training of all employees is essential to ensure the smooth running of the members’ experience in the gym. It is therefore with a view to offering complete training during the onboarding of its new employees that Basic-Fit called on Serious Factory.

Basic-Fit needed a way to train all its new employees in an efficient, uniform and fun way in order to achieve excellence in the service offered to members. The ultimate goal of this approach is their long-term loyalty. Above all, this involves intensifying exchanges between staff and members in order to create a lasting relationship, help them achieve their goals and contribute to their well-being.

To meet this need, Basic-Fit wanted to create a complete training simulation presenting all the components of the work of a company employee, whether it is managing the gyms or the reception of members. The learner must be evaluated on the various criteria and this simulation must therefore promote learning by trial and error in order to provide him with a good level of mastery of the operational processes.


Serious Factory responded to the need identified with the design of a training simulation carried out following specifications drawn up in collaboration with the managers of Basic-Fit.

The experience puts the learner in a work situation in a realistic environment and is deployed on a PC. The simulation has several parts, which correspond to the different tasks that an employee must perform during a typical day. During the experience, the learner will have to perform the following actions in particular:

Carry out maintenance of the various parts of the club;

  Welcome and accompany the member according to different situations (welcome a new member, manage dissatisfaction, deal with the malfunction of equipment, explain the different offers, etc.)

During these actions, a virtual coach presents the learner with the tasks to be performed during the simulation and is responsible for giving him advice according to his choices. At the end of the simulation, he is also responsible for debriefing on the different situations encountered.

  Benefits and results

The simulation made it possible to standardize the training of new Basic-Fit employees. Many feedbacks were able to be reported: according to the learners interviewed, the training was able to successfully put them in a realistic situation and was thus perceived as being very educational, constructive, fun, interactive and dynamic by a large part of the new employees.

Welcoming a new member to the club, knowing what to offer, managing a crisis situation with a member, reacting in the right way in any situation… These are the different aspects of their job on which employees were able to train in French or Dutch and which should have an impact on members’ satisfaction. In addition, the use of the LXP platform, VTS Perform, allowed Basic-Fit to easily deploy the module for clubs all over Belgium.

Finally, the use of the simulation allowed Basic-Fit to perceive a positive impact on the quality of service provided to members by the trained employees.

  Some figures

is the number of clubs where the module has been deployed in French and Dutch.

+ 830

learners trained throughout the module.

+ 1000h

of training carried out in total.

« We wanted to bring dynamism and fun to our training and above all we wanted our 900 employees to be trained in the same way. Serious Factory allowed us to quickly launch a brand new digital training method to meet our needs. »

Clotilde PIRSON
HR Legal Business Partner
Test VTS Editor

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