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Manual handling is an activity that can have many implications for those who carry it out in a professional context: accidental injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, etc. The repetition of movements can, in time, lead to joint diseases, more or less serious, which can handicap the employee in the long term and do the company a disservice by generating additional costs (sick leave, delays on work sites, replacements, etc.) These risks can be avoided, however, by raising the awareness of handling employees about good practices in the workplace.

At Manpower, an expert in temporary work and permanent and fixed-term recruitment, a major player in employment for more than 60 years and a business partner for companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity, it has been found that manual handling can account for up to 50% of accidents at work, often linked to the employee’s desire to carry out their tasks more quickly or to do things better.


It is because of this problem, which is more prevalent in the handling professions, that Manpower Academy has set up an immersive and interactive approach for temporary workers that will enable them to learn the best practices for working in complete safety, while protecting their health.

It was important to develop the learners’ skills in a fun way, with the simplest and most visual immersive approach possible. In order to capture attention, it was essential to design a pedagogical approach directly linked to professional situations in which they could recognise themselves. Moreover, the situations presented should not be too long, so as not to generate abandonment before the end of the simulation. Finally, the simulation had to be able to engage both experienced and novice learners in the profession, thanks to a high added educational value.


Manpower Academy chose Serious Factory’s VTS Editor tool to carry out this project. Indeed, the agile use of the immersive solutions and Serious Games creation software, VTS Editor, enabled the educational designer to very easily create a complete simulation for handlers.

To do this, with the help of volunteer temporary workers, Manpower Academy began by comparing good and bad manual handling practices in dramatised scenarios. The aim of this first stage was to define the theoretical aspect of the training and then to transpose it into a simulation using VTS Editor, as it is in the field that good practices will become anchored in the learners’ habits. Next, the Manpower teams collected the various materials needed to create a storyboard and exchanged views with the PST interim team in Caen to provide additional expertise on the long-term consequences for the body.

The result: the design of an engaging and immersive simulation on VTS Editor, incorporating videos punctuated by quizzes and risk hunts, to encourage attention retention and a good learning pace.


The development of the project with VTS Editor brought a lot of dynamism to both the design and the learning. By first using a storyboard, the design with the authoring software enabled Manpower Academy to work in close collaboration with Manpower’s safety prevention department, to share with the prevention staff the same experience that the learner will be able to live through, and thus to reduce the workflow of the entire design phase.

On the learner’s side, the realistic situation allows for a gamified experience, which makes the training more enjoyable than traditional digital learning and encourages the learner to return to the platform for self-training. The immersive approach and the pace of the activities in the finalised simulation were able to promote understanding, retention of good practice and completion of the module deployed on PC, tablet and mobile.

Outside of the module, Manpower Academy also observed that communicating about the training, through a teaser showing the animated characters and the interactions in the training, brought curiosity and enthusiasm to follow the online course.

Through the use of VTS Editor, Manpower Academy has seen learner engagement increase from 7% to 67%.

  Some figures

34 000

this is the number of registrations in 2020 for Manpower Training courses.

41 585

this is the number of new visitors per day on average in 2021, with peak attendance on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

20 minutes

this is the average duration of training “Manual handling and its impact on the body”.
" I have been using VTS Editor for many years to meet the expectations of learners, but also of sponsors. Everyone is looking for new learning experiences that are both relevant and fun. I recommend this tool, which optimizes the design and production of distance learning courses. VTS Editor has evolved a lot, especially in terms of variables and possible interactions, further improving playability for the learner. Serious Factory teams quickly provide their help and know-how in the development of complex projects such as Serious Games. "

Sylvie SIMON
Head of Engineering and Development Mission of e-learning solutions for the Interim Training Department of Manpower France
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