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What steps should be considered in pre-recruitment to promote commercial excellence in your team?

Why immersive and gamified simulation for HR jobs?

The virtue of Digital Learning is to offer trainers the possibility of diversifying training content through digital technology, and thus making it original and innovative. To do this, the instructional designer can choose to create customised content, adapted to the needs of the learners and the challenges of the business, while adding a personalised and gamified touch, for an ever greater engagement.

In this case and for HR professionals, bringing innovation through immersive and gamified training simulations represents a major challenge for all companies and organisations. Indeed, as Gérard Guerand explains in this interview, the use of this type of simulation makes it possible to:
Put the candidate at the heart of a realistic situation, in which they interact with virtual characters;
To accurately assess their level of know-how in terms of commercial relations with their contact person and their level of interpersonal skills while searching for lasting solutions with them.

This allows the recruiter to avoid recruitment errors, to train the candidate effectively once they get the job and to be able to implement internal mobility with complete peace of mind.

Virtual Training Suite, to support trainers and recruiters in their work has chosen to trust Serious Factory and its teams to support it in its mission to develop an immersive sales simulation / Serious Game for recruiters and candidates. ScanVendeur was designed by the firm using the VTS Editor training simulation creation tool and deployed via the VTS Perform Learning Experience Platform.

To find out more about VTS Editor, please visit the dedicated page on our website. To find out more about our deployment offer on VTS Perform, we invite you to schedule a meeting here.

In the meantime, start designing your first simulations by downloading the trial version of VTS Editor.