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In the spotlight: Making e-learning attractive with engaging professional situations

Realistic business scenarios with VTS Editor

With 15 years of experience, Préva Conseil offers its customers certified and customized training in various sectors such as construction, health, industry, retail and transport. It is therefore natural that David Lahouel, head of the firm, chose Virtual Training Suite to meet the needs of these different sectors.

In this video interview, he talks about one of the key points for creating an engaging e-learning simulation offer: setting up interactive scenarios that lead to knowledge and skills assessments. In fact, as part of an approach to transmitting knowledge that is adapted to its clients’ activities, Préva Conseil and VTS Editor have designed a variety of business training courses that put learners in realistic situations. This simulation via Virtual Training Suite has major advantages:

  • Engage more easily, unlike PowerPoint type training
  • Make distance learning more credible and therefore memorable
  • Putting soft skills to work
  • Evaluate skills at a distance


If you also want to try out VTS, download the free trial version of VTS Editor :