Webinar replay: From theory to practice… and more!

On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, our experts Thomas Lesueur and Tahir Khan invited you to a 2-hour webinar to design a simple Video Learning project thanks to VTS Editor's BRONZE pack. Would you like to (re)watch this webinar? Here it is!

Watch the replay here:

Video Learning, an effective tool for engaging learners

Video content is nowadays very much appreciated by learners as a means of learning quickly. Indeed, many of us use video streaming platforms to learn about a subject of particular interest to us.
In this sense, Video Learning is very effective for distance learning. This type of tool makes it possible, in particular, to :

  • Tell a story in a scripted way to engage (configuration of scenes, characters, emotions, sounds, voice)
  • Go directly to the essence of what you want to tell the learner and multiply the subjects more easily.
  • Make the learner use their hearing and eyesight to better memorise information
  • Be watched everywhere thanks to multi-media use (smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.)


If you too want to implement Video Learning in your training programme, adopt VTS Editor, our authoring software that allows you to create Video Learning content and much more: