Interview with Fabula Games, the official DACH Distributor of Virtual Training Suite

The Serious Games and gaming solutions of Fabula Games provide fun and sustainable training in almost all areas of the company. Inspired by topical subjects, Fabula Games' "Universales-Games" are truly immersive experiences designed with VTS Editor to train on issues common to all companies. But they don't stop there and even offer a range of customisable experiences in your colours! Get to know our direct German partner better through this interview!
  • Who is Fabula Games?

Fabula Games has been developing Serious Games on the German market since 2014. We are a small team based in the Dortmund area. We offer a wide range of solutions around Serious Games:

– Gaming workshops

– Serious Games on catalogue

– Tailor-made Serious Games

– And since our partnership with Serious Factory, we have been marketing Virtual Training Suite products that allow our clients to develop their own gaming digital training.

This makes our offer 100% complete and very agile because it adapts perfectly to our clients’ needs and challenges by covering a wide range of methodologies.


  • How was the distribution partnership with Serious Factory born?

We were looking for a Serious Games publisher in order to streamline our internal production. Our market analysis led us to select Virtual Training Suite. After a year of use, we were so convinced by the product that we wanted to distribute it to our customers.


  • What is it like working with Serious Factory?

Our collaboration as a distributor is going as we imagined. On the one hand, we are united around the values of the product and on the other hand, we are united around the commercial and communication aspects. We also appreciate the responsiveness and the willingness to constantly improve the products that is Virtual Training Suite. Finally, our regular sharing on business development provides us with valuable external insights and sound advice!


  • Why do you want to introduce Virtual Training Suite to the DACH market (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)?

We are really convinced by the tool, both because of its ease of use and its high added value for ongoing development. And we believe that the more companies and organisations that use it, the more training will be able to evolve into more engaging and motivating forms for learners. This is in line with our vision: learning is an adventure!


Interested in the approach proposed by Fabula Games and its Universales Games? Discover without further delay their website, available in French, English and German !

And if you too would like to become a foreign partner of Serious Factory, you can contact us at the following link: