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In the spotlight: Why did Minighetti Consulting choose VTS Editor to design fun health training courses?

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Giving health professionals the pleasure of learning

Training for health professionals is very important and at the same time ambitious to implement for several reasons: one is the learners’ lack of time to train and the latter is the tools and materials used by trainers to engage the learner in the training session. Philippe Minighetti understands this. It is not by creating training courses with PowerPoint® and having learners memorise texts by heart, but by putting them into situations in a fun and realistic environment that will enable them to be perfectly autonomous when dealing with a patient. Digital Learning and teaching modules such as Serious Games make this possible thanks to the possibility of training anywhere and at any time, with the emphasis on practice. To find out more, we invite you to consult our white paper entirely dedicated to this subject:

Serious Factory supports you in your digitalisation projects

As part of an approach to the transmission of knowledge adapted to each sector of activity, the Serious Factory teams recommend Virtual Training Suite. This software suite enables you to design (VTS Editor), deploy (VTS Perform) and read (VTS Player) realistic simulations, in order to put theory into practice.

More particularly within the software suite, the VTS Editor tool, already used by Minighetti Consulting, is a software perfectly adapted to the health sector. Thanks to its ergonomic interface and its easy handling, you can create an infinite number of immersive simulations from A to Z and customise them by integrating fixed or 360° sets, 3D characters, dialogue boxes, sounds, success awards, quizzes, multiple choice branches, etc. You will also be able to follow the learner’s progress thanks to a complete and personalised scoring system to help you in your coaching actions.