White paper: The benefits of simulations in Digital Learning: Never the first time on….

Serious Factory's latest white paper highlights how training professionals use Serious Game to develop their learners' skills and also to better engage them through immersion. The objective is to train before facing a real situation for which the learner would not be prepared. With a preface by HR and training expert Marie-Pierre Fleury and testimonials from 10 of our clients, this white paper focuses on the key success factors in implementing a training program that integrates the Serious Game, and on the effectiveness of the Virtual Training Suite software solution in achieving this.

Training through virtual simulation: the key to developing skills

Often repeated in the medical field, the “Never the first time on a patient…” shows in an exemplary way the importance of simulation to train before practising your profession, and throughout your professional career. In 2012, the High Authority of Health was already focusing on the challenges of simulation, with a state of the art highlighting the benefits of its systematic implementation during the learning process.

Particularly effective in health, the advantage of simulation is transposed to many other fields of activity. The most obvious are obviously in the fields of Industry, where simulation meets the challenges of security and awareness of good practices.
Thanks to its immersive nature, virtual simulation also applies to all situations of interpersonal relationships, as well as to the technical training that can be encountered in everyday life. Training sales representatives in a virtual customer in a store, preparing managers for individual interviews with a virtual employee, raising a technician’s awareness of a dangerous situation… all these situations can now be practiced and mastered by everyone, not only theoretically, but also from an operational point of view, thanks to modules using gamification and immersion techniques.

Virtual simulation now available to all

In the collective unconscious, integrating such pedagogical tools into a skills development program is excessively expensive and time-consuming. Our previous books blancs aimed to demystify this preconceived idea. As proof and examples, this new opus will present you the successes of our customers in their implementation.

Serious Factory develops the Virtual Training Suite software solution, which addresses all the challenges of an effective training program, from its design to its deployment in the hands of the learner. With its authoring software VTS Editor, Serious Factory offers its customers a new way to develop Serious Game devices, without technical or graphic skills, and in total autonomy. You can now design and update as many situations as you wish, in fields as varied as those of industry or medicine.

This white paper describes the challenges our clients face in their respective activities. Their testimonies highlight the benefits of integrating Serious Game and simulation into their training strategy, and open up perspectives that we do not necessarily think about, in order to offer learners an effective and engaging training experience:

– Practical experience is at the heart of the concerns of the Training Services, to develop the operationality of learners;
– Simulation and the virtual become essential to prepare learners for any type of situation, by confronting them with the consequences of their actions in a fun and safe way on reality;
– The personalization of immersive teaching devices according to the professional context must be simple and facilitated, using a flexible and efficient creation tool;
– In addition to the development of skills, the behavioural aspect of training is a priority to be worked on.

And you, why do you want to get past it?

To learn more, discover our white paper “The benefits of simulation in Digital Learning: Never the first time on…”