White Paper: Juicy Learning® – The 9-step method

Serious Factory's latest white paper highlights the method adapted and advised by our Digital Learning experts to make your Experiences and Serious Games juicy! On the borderline between traditional training and video games, the Experiences created on VTS Editor allow you to strongly engage the learner as soon as some simple rules are respected. Discover in this white paper how to successfully gamify your Experiences yourself and create an efficient and profitable training offer.

Juicy Learning®: the key to engaging your learners over the long term in your training programme

If you are here because you are thinking of adopting Digital Learning to develop a new training offer based on distance or blended learning or because you want to add a new twist to your existing offer. Designers, you’ve come to the right place!

So what is Juicy Learning®?

Juicy Learning is a form of Digital Learning that aims to boost learner engagement and knowledge retention by borrowing certain codes from video games, including “juiciness”. Pierre Susset, co-founder and Production Owner at Serious Factory, gives us a definition of juiciness : “the feeling of gratification, surprise or pleasure that one experiences when playing. For example: the appearance of an addictive sound when you succeed in a challenge, a graphical interface that evolves to take you to the next level, the whaou effect when you discover a new world… It’s the way we’re going to bring pleasure and reward effort through design, both visual and auditory.

As you can see, bringing juiciness into your Experiences is essential for the success of your pedagogical device, and all the easier with VTS Editor!

9 steps to create a Juicy Experience

In this white paper, our experts share with you their 9-step design methodology to enable you to complete a Juicy Learning® project by yourself. It is a design method that has evolved over time to meet the specifics of the material being developed. Behavioural simulation, Mobile Learning, Serious Game, Top-down course, Escape Game, etc: this method is adapted to all the concepts of Experiences that you can already design on VTS Editor!