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Discover The New 6.6 Version Of VTS Editor

VTS Editor is the ideal tool for creating captivating and interactive e-learning modules. Since its creation in 2008, it has continuously evolved to meet the ever-growing needs of trainers and educators, engaging learners!

Today, VTS Editor stands out as a reference in the field of e-learning creation, used by companies and training organizations of all sizes. 

VTS Editor takes another step forward by pushing immersion and realism even further with the addition of new synthetic voices!

483 Ultra-Realistic New Synthetic Voices

The main new feature of this version is the addition of 483 new synthetic voices generated by artificial intelligence to dub your texts and dialogues in just a few clicks.

Distributed as 12 female voices and 9 male voices for each of the 23 available languages, they complement the voices already present.

Try It Yourself!

  • Do you have VTS Editor?

Update your software to test the new features!

  • Don’t have VTS Editor?

The new synthetic voices are available in the trial version that you can download here!

Other New Features and Fixes

You can find the other new features and fixes here.

Happy designing with VTS Editor!