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Virtual Training Suite 5.0:
Commitment and learning fun at the heart of the success of your digital training courses

A graphical and ergonomic redesign to improve your design experience

Our developers and graphic designers have redesigned the interface and ergonomics of VTS Editor and VTS Perform for you.

Graphics: With 5.0, you will benefit from increased comfort and pleasure of use within the creation and deployment tools of Virtual Training Suite. VTS Editor and VTS Perform feature sleek and elegant graphics for an intuitive and fluid user experience.

Ergonomics: Getting to grips with Virtual Training Suite’s functionalities becomes simpler, allowing you to design a solution that combines efficiency and pleasure! In order to allow you to design your Experiences in the best possible way, the new ergonomic features are the following: New video tutorials, reduced number of pages, implementation of quick action tools, immediate access to documentation adapted to the section you are in, copy and paste of inter-project media, etc.

Motivate your learners with the new badge system

Turn on the Juicy Learning! Reward your learners with the new Collectible Badge system borrowed from video games! Great for learner’s commitment, the badges will encourage them to try to collect them all, redoing their training path as many times as necessary. For each badge, you will have the choice between several attractive illustrations to which you can add a short description or instruction in VTS Editor to give meaning to what the learner accomplished. The badges thus acquired are visible by the learner directly in VTS Player, and by the administrator from the Experience statistics in VTS Perform.

Play on the feeling of socialization with the new Leaderboard system

The Leaderboard or ranking system is a widely used system in the world of video games to rank players according to the scores obtained during the games. By implementing the Leaderboard system, you will be able to push your learners to give their best to improve their ranking and thus their score in your educational scenarios. After defining the scoring system when designing the Experience in VTS Editor, a Leaderboard option can be activated in VTS Perform at any time. This makes the ranking visible to learners directly in VTS Player. Moreover, two ranking modes can be defined in “Leaderboard Management” in VTS Perform: by maximum score or by cumulative score of all games.

Presentation of a Leaderboard on VTS Player

Shape your Experience in your own image…
… With characters and sceneries downloadable in VTS Editor

When you download VTS Editor, you can choose from a variety of characters and sceneries to design your Experiments. However, you can increase the variety and relevance of your content through the online store. A wide range of characters and sets classified according to various criteria awaits you: environments, outfits, trades, ethnicities. And icing on the cake! You can now buy new characters and sceneries, with VTS Credits, directly from the Characters and Scene Configuration tab in the authoring software.


… By choosing the font

VTS Editor now offers 12 new fonts that you can apply to your Experiences. Adapt your VTS Experiences to your style (classic, modern, sober, elegant, fun, raw, etc.) and immerse your learners more in your world.

Aim for an optimal deployment of your Experiences

You wish to be accompanied in the fateful moment of the publication of your Experience? We’ve got you covered! Suggestions for improvement or warnings of potential errors may be presented to you thanks to a button that is always visible before publishing your Experience.
In addition, it will now be able to preview your Experience to see how it will look on a smartphone or tablet, via a button directly accessible while previewing your scenarios. This new version has also been designed to optimize your time and therefore your ROI!


Download the new version of VTS Editor now!