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Learn how to use VTS Editor in complete autonomy thanks to the 20 new video tutorials!

The Education Center of Le Village by Serious Factory is expanding and has 20 new tutorials to support you on your VTS Editor authoring software journey. In a shorter format (than some of our previous vids), they focus on the essentials and once again demonstrate the valuable time VTS Editor users save!

These video tutorials will allow you to quickly learn how to get the best out of certain blocks, but also to discover their pedagogical value!

For each tutorial, the video is divided into three parts:

  • At the beginning, the tutorial explains what the block in question allows you to do.
  • The video then explains, step by step, how to make the block in question functional on VTS Editor.
  • Finally, a visualization is proposed in order to see the result in concrete terms.

Message, Opening the inventory, Quiz, Media choice, True/False – all these feature blocks and 15 other tutorials will facilitate your first steps in building your educational experiences. They can be found in the “tutorials” section of Le Village by Serious Factory.

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