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The personalization of a serious game according to the learner

Avoid universal solutions!

To take up the example developed in the article “Will the serious game become more personal” let’s consider the case of a serious game aimed at making a patient’s family and friends aware of the symptoms. In a context like this, it is unthinkable not to take into account the multitude of possibilities and factors that can make our game vary such as the age of the patient, the existing relationship between the learner and the patient, the specific illness of the patient, etc….
The learner’s immersion and interest in serious play is therefore clearly affected by the adaptation and personalization of the scenario to the learner’s actual experience. This lesson is not limited to this case and is essential and applicable to the majority of serious games you want to create. Whether it is a job interview simulator, sales experience or health and safety training, the important thing is to adapt each of its scenarios to the specific profiles and contexts of the learners.

The use of an authoring tool grants access to customisation

Our authoring software Virtual Training Suite allows you to do just that, and much more. Diversity of avatar, import from your own environment, voices digitized in many languages and accents, possibility to import your own voice, creation of non-linear and adaptive paths without limits…. Even the experience itself ca be customised thanks to the clever use of variables !

In the end VTS is the ideal tool to create your own serious games combining immersive learning and gamification without any difficulty with a level of customization never before seen!

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