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Statistical feedback: how VTS Perform facilitates the measuring of the effectiveness of skill acquisition

Virtual Training Suite, the software suite at the heart of statistical feedback

Before focusing on monitoring skills through VTS Perform, let’s do a brief refresher course on Virtual Training Suite.

Virtual Training Suite is the software solution developed by the experts at Serious Factory with the aim of enabling you to digitise your training offer in complete autonomy in virtue of its three components: VTS Editor, VTS Perform and VTS Player.

1. VTS Editor
The first component is the first step that you will spend the most time on as a designer. This is the authoring software that allows you to create teaching modules on which your learners will acquire their knowledge and skills.

Using VTS Editor, you can create interactive learning modules and assess the learner on what they have learnt at different levels. For example, you can create realistic real-life situations and assess the learner via quizzes and interactive environments and a scoring system adapted to your challenges. The scores obtained can then be fed back into VTS Perform and used to generate personalised feedback for each learner.

2. VTS Perform
VTS Perform allows you to broadcast and monitor the deployment of your projects carried out with VTS Editor. Thanks to this tool, your learners will then have access to the modules of your choice directly in their VTS Player.

A real alternative to LMSs, VTS Perform can host your files and manage your learners’ game sessions: in addition to deploying content targeted at the learner, you can therefore consult advanced usage statistics, ranging from the completion of an experiment to the answers given by the learner to each question or interaction made.

VTS Perform therefore provides quantitative and qualitative data on the use of the modules. To find out more about the functionalities of VTS Perform, we recommend that you read our online documentation or talk to one of our VTS Experts.

3. VTS Player
The reading application of Virtual Training Suite. VTS Player allows learners to read the modules deployed on all media (PC, Android, iOS, Mac, tablet, VR). When a learner is trained on a module, statistics are directly uploaded into VTS Perform for consultation by the trainer.

Virtual Training Suite is therefore a software suite, a whole ecosystem, where all its components work in synergy to ensure the best possible pedagogical follow-up in Digital Learning.

Numerous usage statistics are available for each experience

After creating a training session, putting your module online and deploying it, your learner can train on VTS Player. You can then obtain statistics of their use on VTS Perform. Let’s see what statistics we can obtain on this platform:

Firstly, VTS Perform allows you to obtain an overview of learner activity during the training session via general statistics. You can thus see the number of participants in the session, the total time spent, the average time spent per learner, the top participant, the top slacker, the number of attempts made on the session as well as the average progress and the percentage of participants having completed the module(s). If your session consists of several modules, you will be able to access these statistics for each module. Simply select the module you are interested in from the drop-down menu.

VTS Perform also allows you to see other statistics such as the number of scenarios launched by each learner as well as their cumulative score for all modules combined and their maximum score obtained.

Hey, the VTS Perform statistics don’t stop there! By making good use of variables, the Flag block and a few other advanced features in VTS Editor, you can collect even more data. For example, you can collect data on the answers to open-ended questions entered by each learner, the choices made, the average response time and the percentage of drop-outs for each question, and in VR you can even know how long the learner was looking in a certain direction.

Would you like to publish a report for the learner at the end of the game? VTS Perform gives you the opportunity to create personalised reports in PDF format that will be sent to the learners and/or their manager. These reports can be an interesting element of feedback by showing the data generated such as scores and the content of stored variables. In this way, you can generate accurate and relevant reports to support your learners in their skills acquisition process.

To find out more about VTS Perform in video, we invite you to join the Academy benches and view our 5-step tutorial:

Convinced by the relevance of Virtual Training Suite for creating, deploying and reading teaching modules? Then contact us. Our experts will guide you to the formula adapted to your needs.