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Serious Factory carried out a “serious game” for Groupe Renault to develop behavioral skills around the world

Since 2017, Groupe Renault has been implementing the Renault Way program to strengthen the collaborative capacity of its teams. In-use since 2018, the Renault Way is based on five principles and a framework of 11 cross-functional skills.

Convinced by Serious Factory’s expertise in creating immersive simulators and “serious games”, the French car manufacturer entrusted the publisher of the Virtual Training Suite software solution with the creation of a multilingual “digital learning” project, the “Renault Way serious game”. As Patrick Benammar, VP Learning & Development, Groupe Renault points out, “we have chosen to develop this project with the Serious Factory teams because the proposed technical solution was adapted to the Group’s background, and above all, favored re-playability and learners’ engagement. Moreover, Serious Factory’s expertise in the field of learning games was an additional asset”.

The learner is free to choose the principle to develop as a priority

A 100% digital tool, suitable for all audiences

Serious Factory has created a “serious game” for Groupe Renault, which allows the Group’s employees to learn about the 5 principles of the Renault Way through a behavioral simulator that changes the educational scenario according to their choices and their answers to questions asked throughout the game.
The solution has two different targeted audiences, with:
• a section for all learners;
• an additional section for managers, to enable them to deepen the aspects relating to team leadership.

To approach such a serious theme through play is possible, and above all, very formative. In fact, the “serious game” was created using Serious Factory’s VTS Editor writing software, which made it possible to offer relevant and realistic role-playing situations, directly taken from scenes from the Group’s daily life, to further immerse learners in a realistic, immersive and engaging environment. In addition, a scoring system throughout the game enables learners to gradually obtain badges that highlight their results in each part of the game.

Realistic and immersive scenarios for better learner engagement

An international deployment for global impact

To mark the difference with other training and communication tools already underway, Groupe Renault wanted to develop a “game” to reinforce adherence to the Renault Way in all the countries where the Group is established, which was facilitated by the translation of the game into 9 languages.

To date, more than 12,000 employees have already taken part in the game in more than 27 countries, spending an average of 75 minutes training to apply the principles of the Renault Way. It is not necessarily required to be connected to the Internet to access the game, as the learning game can be installed on various devices (PC, tablet) via the Serious Factory VTS Player app, and hosted by local relays during collective sessions.