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Serious Factory produces the first Virtual Learning platform for Kahler Communication’s Process Communication Model®

The Kahler Communications Group, worldwide distributor of the Process Communication Model® (PCM) method, wanted to make their trainers, coaches, and end-users aware of their model by means of an innovative digital tool that integrates gamification and trial-and-error learning mechanisms. Intrigued by Serious Factory’s expertise in digital learning and serious gaming, Kahler Communications selected the publisher and its software solution Virtual Training Suite (VTS) for this ambitious project, demonstrating once again that the digital world is in service to the human world.

Process Communication Model®

The PCM model was initially developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler in partnership with NASA, who wanted to better prepare astronaut crews for working together on missions. As the first model based on the observation of behavior, PCM is both a personality and communication model that enhances the development of self-knowledge, encourages compassionate knowledge of others, and promotes the optimization of relationships. It has rapidly established itself worldwide as an essential tool for companies and families alike. PCM is the only model that simultaneously identifies, prevents, and avoids unproductive and potentially destructive misunderstandings in everyday life, thanks to better insight into personality profiles and the predictability of behavior under stress.

A digital tool to improve human relations

PCM training is based on person-to-person interactions and one-on-one communication skills. So how can there be a place for digital technology? This was one of the major challenges of this project. By working closely with Kahler Communications, Serious Factory developed a lifelike and engaging experience for users through a tailor-made virtual learning platform that successfully blends immersive 3D sceneries, realistic characters, and verbal and non-verbal cues.

By setting up a team composed of Process Communication Model experts from Kahler Communications and gaming experts from Serious Factory, the educational and digital co-creation was a real success. Both in terms of the relevance and realism of the situations, and in terms of the learner’s commitment thanks to a playful, graphic, and innovative virtual environment.

More than ever, we learn by doing!

From Mickaël Dufourneaud, Chief Operating Officer of Kahler Communications, “I didn’t expect such a result. I enjoyed it very much! I almost forgot that the characters’ interactions in their environments are virtual. It’s great to have a tool that allows everyone to progress at their own pace in the discovery of PCM, to better communicate and manage challenging situations.

A scene in PCM Virtual Learning

A unique Virtual Learning for a variety of uses

The other major challenge was to design a solution adapted to two audiences: learners, and certified trainers and coaches. Thus, the virtual learning developed is offered to learners, either to prepare for training or coaching, or to reinforce what they have learned. It is also offered to the network of PCM certified trainers and coaches as an innovative tool for virtual learning or coaching.
In order for this pedagogical system to fully meet these two challenges, it was essential to take into account both the “user experience” and the “learner experience.” Throughout the design process, PCM certifiers and learners were able to test the various key steps so that the result was realistic and reflected scenes from everyday life.

The virtual learning makes it possible to significantly improve the PCM networks offerings and to reinforce the added value of PCM certified people in their core business.
From Cyril Collignon, President of the Kahler Communications group, “The high-quality work carried out by the Serious Factory teams will enable us to improve our dynamic of animation for our network of PCM certified people and their clients. In the era of forced digitalization, we have been able to build together an innovative pedagogical tool, perfect for training in managing human relations daily. A great tool to practice getting our message across in the comfort of a virtual learning environment.”

Remote coaching using PCM Virtual Learning

A smooth international deployment

Finally, in order to be in line with its international dimension and particularly the English-speaking market (USA in priority), the virtual learning will soon be available in English. It is also deployed on Serious Factory’s VTS Perform platform, which allows global administration by Kahler Communications and the collection of valuable information through advanced qualitative statistics.

Indeed, when it comes to interpersonal relations, the feedback of rich and accessible statistics is a considerable asset of VTS Perform. At a time when data is increasingly contributing to the improvement of daily life, all the variables and sequences of the various game situations are fed back into the platform, enabling Kahler Communications to publish and compile precise reports on usage and to monitor the acquisition of learners’ skills.

Available on VTS Player, the virtual learning game can be played on any type of device (PC, tablet, smartphone), whether or not it is connected to the Internet.