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Serious Factory integrates the “Microsoft for Startups” program to accelerate Transfer of Knowledge

Approved by the biggest players in industry and services, Serious Factory supports companies, universities, schools, and organizations in their training strategies. The company’s interactive pedagogical applications are now a reference in the world of digital training. Combining the engineering know-how of pedagogical devices and the mastery of cutting-edge multimedia technologies, such as 3D, video games and virtual reality, Serious Factory’s solutions provide users with a unique immersive experience, for results and a sustainable increase in skills, promoting performance and quality of life at work.

To go beyond the traditional e-learning field, and thus offer a truly engaging experience to learners, Serious Factory has developed the Virtual Training Suite software solution. “VTS” is a complete suite composed of three pieces of software:

  • To express limitless creativity in the service of workers, VTS Editor, the authoring software, makes it possible to design these rich interactive devices.
  • To support careers and motivate teams, VTS Perform facilitates the deployment of experiences and collects quantitative and qualitative statistics.
  • To meet new information access needs, VTS Player guarantees optimal delivery of the mobile and nomadic learning experience.

The vision and raison d’être of Serious Factory is that training should be a right common to all, not simply the business of an elite. It must be accessible to all, for greater equality of opportunity.

360° support from Microsoft

The objective of the “Microsoft for Startups” program is to help selected startups grow, create and expand their network by supporting them in a partnership approach, both technical and commercial.

It includes, in particular:

  • Access to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and Microsoft collaboration tools;
  • Technical support by a dedicated team of experts;
  • A business partnership to help Serious Factory reach new customers and markets through regular contacts with Microsoft customers looking for both innovation and new business solutions.
  • A community to exchange and help each other.
  • Visibility & Marketing via events, press relations, interviews, social networks;
  • An entry into a virtuous ecosystem: Venture Capitals, Accelerators, Incubators…

Ambitions as a world leader

VTS Editor has been ranked No. 1 worldwide authoring software since 2017 to design realistic Serious Games and simulations for training (BSOCO rankingsDLMNEWS (in France))

The VTS initiative has already won numerous awards for its technological innovations and leadership position.

Serious Factory was among the 15 global finalists for the 2017 Global EdTech Awards, representing France in this international competition, among an initial selection of 650 EdTech startups, spread over more than 70 countries!

Serious Factory: Transmitting Knowledge

« The whole team is very honored to have been recognized and selected by the Microsoft program. At Serious Factory, we are committed to providing solutions that will allow everyone to pass on their knowledge. With the support of Microsoft, we will more easily address the international market on the one hand, thanks to Azure Cloud infrastructures, and on the other hand, we will develop premium technological synergies, for a market in very strong growth, by benefiting from a technical expertise on the implementation of artificial intelligence, or even Business Intelligence tools or machine learning.» – William PERES, President and CEO of Serious Factory.

Reasons for the selection of Serious Factory by the Microsoft for Startups program

« Microsoft gives priority to startups offering innovative B2B solutions that have the potential to support companies both in their digital transformation and in industries with high economic and societal stakes, such as training. Therefore, Serious Factory has integrated the worldwide Microsoft for Startups program, which accompanies startups in a real partnership approach, both technical and commercial. » – Anthony Virapin, Director of Startup Programs France at Microsoft.