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Immersive Learning myth n°4, “it’s hard to update”

The reality of yesterday

All companies are now aware of the importance of using Immersive Learning, a learning technique that has proven its effectiveness many times over. Despite the democratisation of this extraordinary teaching technique, many people hesitate to embark on the adventure because Immersive Learning would be difficult to update while the educational content is constantly evolving. This fear is legitimate, as this type of situation does exist. However, the evolution of technology has meant that this type of concern is now a distant memory.

It must be said, however, that at the very beginning of this great adventure of Immersive Learning, the training modules were developed with the Flash plug-in. This reality caused many blockages as companies found it difficult to update the modules, presaging a programmed obsolescence of the content and therefore of the knowledge! The content does not adapt to the evolution of learners and of the companies’ offers, it has to be recreated.

Thus, they are confronted with numerous questions: those about the possibility of reusing files. After all, it should be remembered that training modules are not free, and that even today, particularly for customised projects, they can be very expensive.

Immersive Learning today

To meet such challenges, companies need to design via a powerful and easy-to-use authoring software. This software must allow new content to be integrated and/or modified easily.
Serious Factory has met this challenge with its authoring software: VTS Editor. Indeed, this software not only allows you to reintegrate, reuse, but above all to easily update scenarios that have already been created, as your offers or educational content evolve.

Check it out now:

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