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Immersive Learning myth n°2, “it’s expensive!”

The price of Immersive Learning

Companies are aware of the real usefulness of Immersive Learning for the training of their employees. They want to get started, but are wondering whether the budget they wish to use for such a project would be sufficient. This question is worth asking because in the beginning, Immersive Learning was reserved for a small audience with a high financial means. Why? Simply because the price of the modules was very high and depended heavily on their duration.

Let’s take the example of a well-known project: the medical Serious Game Pulse!! developed by BreakAway in 2007, in the United States, for 14 million dollars. This educational tool puts medical staff in realistic situations and in a hospital entirely modelled in 3D. It remains the most expensive Serious Game in history, but it does not represent the reality of the current market, as many alternatives exist today.

Indeed, we you can be reassured: Immersive Learning is becoming more and more popular and it is now much more accessible to all companies, especially thanks to authoring tools.

Immersive Learning adapted to all budgets with VTS

Today, the pricing criteria for an Immersive Learning module are based on other criteria during the design process:
– 3D modelling of environments and characters
– The complexity of the gameplay
– The gamified approach of the scenario
– The duration

This is why Serious Factory’s teams have developed VTS Editor, the authoring software for immersive training, which combines quality design and affordable pricing. A real no-code engine to create simulation-type modules, where many assets are already integrated so that you can create your own immersive training course from £99/month, whatever its duration!

Discover it in its trial version:

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