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E-learning: Trends and Innovations

E-learning is rapidly transforming with the integration of new technologies and pedagogical methods. Here is an overview of current trends and how these innovations are being incorporated to offer effective training solutions.


Microlearning involves breaking down training content into small, easily consumable modules, often less than 10 minutes long. This method allows learners to fit learning into their daily schedules more easily, making learning more flexible and continuous. With VTS Editor, you can design short, interactive modules, such as video learning or quizzes, to maintain interest and maximize knowledge retention. Learn more about microlearning with VTS Editor​ (Serious Factory).

Artificial Intelligence (IA)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as a valuable tool to optimize and accelerate the instructional design process. Far from replacing the expertise of designers, AI offers innovative solutions to save time and focus on what matters most: educational quality and the e-learning experience. VTS Editor, your instructional design tool, integrates AI into its features to assist you in your creations.

Social and Collaborative Learning

Social and collaborative learning uses social tools to encourage peer collaboration and learning. This strengthens knowledge sharing and develops communication and teamwork skills. With VTS Perform, the complementary platform to VTS Editor, collaborative learning is facilitated by allowing interactions and content sharing among learners, enriching the learning experience. Discover how to encourage collaborative learning with VTS Perform​ (Serious Factory).

Future Predictions for Digital Training

Gamification and Engagement: Gamification remains a key trend to keep learners engaged. With VTS Editor, game elements are integrated into solutions to make learning more interactive and motivating.

By using VTS Editor, you are at the forefront of these trends, offering innovative digital training solutions tailored to the current and future needs of businesses. With this tool, companies can create rich and immersive learning experiences, ensuring continuous skill development for their employees