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The challenges of training with virtual simulation in 2021

2021, the year of virtual simulation

The year 2020 has turned the training sector upside down by greatly impacting classroom training. The health crisis has forced trainers to transform their face-to-face training into remote training Similarly, the production of digital training content in-house has increased over the past year: training professionals are now producing their digital training themselves, thanks to the tools available for this purpose.

The health crisis has demonstrated the interest in setting up 100% digital training courses in companies. While blended learning remains a reassuring model, many training providers are now considering making their training 100% remotely.

Virtual simulation, a powerful training tool for developing skills.

Indeed, it is in the medical field that the sentence “Never the first time on a patient…” is often used to remind learners of the importance of training in real-life situations before practising the intended profession. Today, simulations are also being transposed to other fields of activity: whether to limit risks in industry or to improve the customer experience in shops, and so on. Thanks to the immersive nature of virtual simulations, learners become operational more quickly, without time and space constraints. In short, it is by getting learners to move from theory to practice that we ensure a high ROI for our training courses.

To find out more, read our white paper “The benefits of simulation in Digital Learning: Never the first time on…”.

Virtual simulation accessible to all with VTS Editor

Contrary to popular belief, the creation of virtual simulation modules is financially accessible and does not require more time to design than an e-learning module. To assist you in this process, Serious Factory has developed Virtual Training Suite, the software solution that meets the challenges of training transformation and the need for educational innovation among learners. With VTS Editor, the authoring software, you can design immersive simulations by simply dragging and dropping blocks. Many characters and backgrounds are already included in the solution and you can also import your own media for customised experiences.

With VTS Perform, you can deploy your simulation modules and monitor the progress of your learners. Finally, VTS Player allows them to play them anywhere and anytime on PC, tablet, iOS, Android.

Will you pass the virtual simulation milestone with VTS?