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Cartoon characters are coming to VTS Editor!

Why cartoon characters?

Many users were asking for it, so we delivered them. The cartoon characters can be installed today in the VTS Editor authoring software for your greatest design pleasure!

From an educational point of view, cartoon characters can be used in many different situations:
You may, for example, want to create Experiences where you would like your learner to be able to take distance from the situation or Experiences where the message could be better understood by de-dramatising the situation. You may also want to create Experiences that are aimed at younger learners. Because of their appearance, cartoon characters are ideal for these cases and much more.

Let’s discover them together!






These four characters are available now in our online shop as well as in the VTS Editor in-app shop. To purchase them, simply visit the online shop at this address or buy them directly in the software in the “Available for purchase” tab.

More cartoon characters will join them soon!