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Bronze Pack: all our tips for creating a differentiating and engaging educational programme

What is the BRONZE Pack?

The BRONZE Pack is ideal for initiating change in your training offer. This pack is the result of development research by the Serious Factory teams, with the aim of providing a complete immersive learning solution. You can design simple and effective e-learning modules, without having to code, and thus meet your needs in innovative learning. This version of VTS Editor includes all the key features of the full version of the software so that you can create linear scenarios that illustrate realistic situations while testing learners on their knowledge.

You can find all the features included in the pack on our pricing page.

In addition, the BRONZE Pack allows you to design the following types of learning devices:
– Traditional SCORM e-learning for your LMS
– Realistic scenarios with 3D characters and 2D, 3D or 360° settings
Video Learning with the integrated video recorder
– Varied text and image-based quizzes including numerous teaching mechanisms

Doing Micro Learning with the BRONZE Pack: there’s only advantages

Micro Learning is an innovative learning method, where you can create short, Learner-centric learning modules, like for Video Learning.

The Bronze Pack is ideal for designing engaging, innovative and, above all, interactive Micro Learning systems!

Indeed, Micro Learning or Fast Learning refers to a pedagogical grain offered to the learner so that they can train independently in just a few minutes. Here, it is not a question of proposing learning modules lasting several dozen minutes or even Serious Games, but modules rarely exceeding 3 minutes in order to concentrate on the essentials.

For example, the functionalities included in the Pack allow you to create short scenarios with 3D characters while challenging the learner with quizzes or true-false exercises. You can thus design a complete training course on a specific theme based on Micro Learning modules. If we take the example of management, your training course could be made up of multiple modules, each on different sub-themes such as: Positioning yourself as a manager, listening to your team, Learning to delegate, giving feedback, etc.

Using Micro Learning in your training is the assurance of offering learners a short but simple and dynamic learning path!

Adopt the Juicy Learning method

Last year, we gave you “Juicy Learning”, the 9-step method that aims to boost learner engagement and retention by borrowing certain codes from video games. This method is also doable from the BRONZE Pack!

Here are the essential steps we recommend you follow to boost the engagement of your modules:

Define the educational objective, the target and the concept
It is important to ask yourself these questions first in order to start the project on the right foot. Most often, your project will meet a strategic need for the company and in this case, you will have to identify which problem it will solve. Defining the target audience will impact your content as well as the way you write, and the way you define the concept of your experience: video, microlearning, traditional e-learning, et cetera.

Identify the key messages
These are the key points of the content that will help the learner to progress in terms of know-how, interpersonal skills or knowledge. Mastering them will mean achieving the learning objective defined sooner.

Building the architecture
Here you will define the key stages of the module(s): the scenario, the rhythm, the key characters, the environment.

Break down the key messages and write the ideal scenario
Depending on the type of project you want to do with the BRONZE Pack, the key messages will be distributed differently. For example, it would be wise to put one key message per Micro Learning scenario. This will have an impact on how the scenario(s) will be reflected in the learning path.

Adding scores and debriefing
The BRONZE Pack allows the designer to add a scoring system to the quizzes and true-false exercises. Scoring and debriefing help the learner to grow by explaining how to improve and make the most of their mistakes.

Make the scenario even more Juicy!
As with the other packs, the BRONZE pack allows the designer to take the experience to the next level by adding relevant sound design and quality graphics! For this, you can rely on the presence of the sound block as well as the various 3D characters, realistic backgrounds and the addition of custom media.

For more tips, the entire method is available here: