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AI: A Valuable Ally to Accelerate Your E-learning Design

Designing quality e-learning modules requires significant time and resources.

Creating rich and engaging educational content can be tedious, and trainers often face tight deadlines.

Artificial intelligence is emerging as a valuable tool for optimizing and accelerating the instructional design process. Far from replacing the expertise of designers, AI offers innovative solutions to save time and focus on the essentials: pedagogical quality and the learning experience.

VTS Editor, your instructional design tool, integrates AI into its features to support you in your creations. With AI, you can:

Significantly reduce the time it takes to create e-learning modules.

We love saving our users time! With the new integrated AI features, you can now generate a project in seconds.

Optimize your design

With the automatic quiz generation feature, simply enter the topic of your question and the AI takes over: it automatically generates a relevant question, the correct answer, and three wrong answers.

AI-powered writing assistance

The writing assistance tool allows you to refine the texts of your projects without having to leave the software.

Is your text too short? The assistant generates content related to your reference text.

Can’t find the right turn of phrase? It corrects your mistakes and suggests rephrasing.

Improve training effectiveness and the achievement of learning objectives

By taking advantage of VTS Editor’s intelligent features, you can devote more time to pedagogical reflection and the creation of quality content, while gaining in efficiency and speed.

Discover today how VTS Editor and AI can help you revolutionize your approach to e-learning design!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized demo and to learn more about the benefits of VTS Editor.

Additional features of VTS Editor:

  • Search and collect information: AI can automate the search for relevant information on the topic of the e-learning module, which saves designers time and allows them to focus on analyzing and organizing the information.
  • Develop assessments: It can generate multiple-choice questions, practical exercises, and other types of assessments, which allows designers to measure student learning and adapt content accordingly.
  • Personalize learning: AI can adapt the content and pace of learning to the needs and learning style of each student, which optimizes engagement and learning outcomes.

AI is a powerful tool that can transform e-learning design.

By using AI-powered tools, instructional designers can create higher quality e-learning modules in less time, while offering a more personalized and engaging learning experience for their students.

Feel free to contact us for a personalized demo and learn more about the benefits of VTS Editor.