Develop the know-how and interpersonal skills of your learners

Create your pedagogical scenarios from A to Z, without technical or graphic skills.
Easily deploy your serious games on all devices (PC, tablets, smartphones, VR) and analyze your learners’ performance qualitatively.

1 Quickly create your immersive and gamified training modules with the authoring software

VTS Editor

2 Easily deploy and qualitatively analyze performance with

VTS Perform

3 Train on all devices anywhere, anytime and offline with

VTS Player
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Creation of pedagogical scenarios

Your immersive and gamified training modules and simulations in complete autonomy: The authoring software allows you to design your educational content without technical or graphic competency

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product perform

Easily deploy your immersive and gamified training modules
Deploy in a few clicks your simulations and immersive and gamified training modules created in VTS Editor on all media (PC, MAC, iOS, Android) for online or offline use.

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product player

Mobile Learning within everyone’s reach Offer a learning experience adapted to the new uses of learners with VTS Player on all devices (PC, digital tablets, smartphones, VR headsets on demand).

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Imagine an authoring software that allows YOU to create everyday situations with virtual characters without any graphic or technical competencies...

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