Measure, Develop and Manage Skills

Serious Factory designed Virtual Training Suite
to increase learner engagement, develop skills through practice and training, and manage the progress of teams.

Virtual Training Suite includes 2 solutions:

VTS Editor for the creation of your gamified educational experiences.

VTS Perform to deploy your modules and manage skill acquisition.

Our authoring software allows you to develop skills through practice and training and to design learning modules such as Serious Games, situational exercises, innovative e-Learning modules... Show your teams that learning can turn into a true source of enjoyment.

Our skill assessment platform is designed to analyze areas of improvement for each learner, allowing you to precisely define their training path to achieve the desired skill level and meet the company's objectives.

93% of Medical Representatives have trained several times on the simulator
(more than 13 times on average)

Quality & Training Journey Manager

The phishing section can be used at will, and above all immediately, in both personal and professional life.

Digital Transformation Communication Manager for the digital branch

I didn't expect such a result.

Chief Operation Officer

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