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    Evaluate and manage the development of your teams' skills in detail.

    Easy to use, our solution allows you to collect and visualise qualitative information that is superior to other LMS on the market.

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    VTS Perform :
    bien plus qu'un LMS ?

    Les datas collectées de la norme SCORM ne suffisent pas pour suivre la montée en compétence des équipes.

    VTS Perform à été développé pour simplifier votre déploiement et récolter un maximum d’informations sur le parcours de vos apprenants.

    En synergie avec VTS Editor vous pouvez identifier les axes d’améliorations de chaque apprenant pour que sa formation s’adapte intelligemment et cible précisément le reste à acquérir.

    VTS Perform:
    much more than an LMS?

    The data collected from the SCORM standard is not enough to monitor the development of your teams.

    VTS Perform has been developed to simplify your deployment and to collect a maximum of information on your learners’ progress.

    In synergy with VTS Editor, you can identify the areas of improvement for each learner so that their training can be intelligently adapted and precisely targeted to the remainder to be acquired.

    Presentation of VTS Peform
    Comparison of qualitative feedback between a classic LMS and VTS Perform
    (using VTS Editor to create your modules)
    FeedbacksTraditional LMSVTS Perform

    Scorm standards


    Skill assessment


    Multiple skills assessments


    Visualisation of quiz answers


    Collection of answers to open fields
    Forms (e.g. fill-in-the-blank, suggestion collection, etc.)


    Detail of the overall score components


    Obtained badges


    Completion rate


    Detailed visualisation of data
    (details by learner, by group, by activity, etc.)


    Adaptive Learning
    (training adapts to the learner's level)



    An easy-to-use interface
    Easily organize, plan and deploy your training.
    Data visualisation

    Data collection and extraction allows you to visually represent the evolution and development of your learners’ skills.

    You can then automatically generate individualised or grouped dashboards in PDF format, or export them in CSV format for customised use according to your needs.

    Adaptive learning

    Virtual Training Suite allows you to create learning paths that adapt to the level of each learner.

    VTS Editor allows you to easily set up a score by skill. Connected to VTS Perform, the scenario adapts to the learner’s results.

    A universal deployment
    Deploy training courses to any device: Windows and Mac OS computers, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.
    Discover how VTS Perform
    helps you manage your training objectives


      Billing to the active user

      Without commitment and with a degressive rate according to the number of active users*.

      *active = launch of at least one course in the month

      Annual billing

      Without commitment and with a predefined number of learners that you can adjust at any time.


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