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Immersive Learning myth n°3, “it’s not effective”

It was better before… Or not

Traditional pedagogy and its methods have made it possible to train elites. However, it must be said that they have not produced the same results with all learners. Each learner has their own ability to think and way of perceiving.

Blended learning studies have shown that learners’ attention span drops by around 80% when they are faced with a slide show-type classroom training. The reason? The learner plays a passive and not an active role in his training, he is not an actor in his training.

As its name suggests, Immersive Learning is a learning method whose principle is to immerse the learner in a given situation. This total immersion is possible thanks to the virtual reproduction of a real situation. It can therefore be stated unequivocally that this method is completely compatible with and complementary to theoretical learning methods. The learner then becomes a real actor in his training and retains the knowledge more easily.

Not really effective?

It is very important to understand that Immersive Learning is above all a pedagogical technique. It can only be effective if it respects the pedagogical objective defined before the training. The white paper “Juicy Learning: the 9-step method” gives you the key steps to set up an engaging and relevant Immersive Learning course.

How many of us have never experienced this kind of situation, where we have forgotten the essence of the course only a few hours after the end of the teacher or trainer’s intervention? Despite the various innovative learning methods such as e-learning or face-to-face courses that integrate the learner into the training, none of these methods allow the learner to acquire the skills they really need to enter the professional world and put into practice the theory they has acquired during the training. Immersive Learning goes further by offering a real training simulator.

This is the challenge taken up by Serious Factory with the VTS Editor software. Create immersive training simulators quickly and without having to code:

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